Your best ever sleep is waiting with Proper's scientifically formulated long-term snooze solutions.

About Proper

Every body is different, but we all need sleep. Proper offers custom sleep solutions from coaching to supplements to rebuild your long-term sleep health.

Why We Love Them

We’ve all dealt with sleepless nights that lead us to scroll through the weirdest parts of the internet, learn the subtlest intricacies of our ceiling fan designs, and count sheep up into the thousands all while thinking, why can’t I fall asleep? And we can all agree that insomnia sucks. But there’s a way to get to sleep, that’s Proper. Combining the guidance and coaching of the top somnologists (sleep doctors), with a huge variety of natural supplements, Proper is here to ensure our eyes stay shut and our ceiling fans go un-admired by helping you rebuild your long-term sleep health.

Origin Story

Nancy Ramamurthi, Kaimu Lee, and David Berzin united to form Proper, a sleep wellness company, in order to help people struggling to achieve proper sleep who had been let down by the current sleep industry. Consulting with several highly qualified doctors in integrative sleep medicine, clinical psychology, and nutritional biochemistry, the three created a product to bring comfort and rest to those who need it, no matter the individual. There is no one cure to insomnia, and so the Proper team created a product that could meet everyone’s needs. Committed to using natural solutions, science, data, and technology, Proper constantly iterates and evolves their offering to help everyone achieve a healthy sleep solution that is personalized for them.


  • Customized, individual sleep remedies to combat insomnia
  • Combines top-quality supplements with coaching from sleep experts
  • Helps not only with short-term insomnia, but long-term sleep health as well

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Proper is committed to bringing natural, healthy solutions to help you achieve better sleep, leading to better health and happiness. When signing up for Proper, the first step is to fill out a quick form so that the experts can diagnose your individual insomnia. You’re then able to chat with a sleep coach, who guides you on how best to rest and which Proper blend is right for you. Whether it’s melatonin, L-theanine, GABA, valerian root, or a combination, Proper has constructed formulas that work with other coach-recommended bedtime changes to help you finally get a good night’s sleep, consistently.

The Soul

Insomnia affects 60 million Americans every year, and leading scientists still disagree on the best treatment. Anyone affected knows how agonizing it can be, spending nights wide awake and constantly fatigued during the day. Proper is leading the search toward better treatment. By taking into account all factors, and combining them with the best research and supplements, they help individuals, not statistics. And they continually innovate to create the best formulas to help you with your long-term sleep health. Plus, if you’re not happy with your time with Proper, they will work with you to make it right.

Proper also participates in giving pledges throughout the year. During National Sleep Month in March, they donate 1% of sales to Sweet Dream Makers, an organization working to close the sleep gap among children. And now, we wish you a truly good night filled with proper sleep.