Plant People

Powerful pant-based supplements and skincare for people who unlock their full potential.

About Plant People

While plants already give us so much, there is so much more that they have to give. Plant People is a brand made up of people who, well, love plants and help people heal through innovative and effective all-natural plant blends.

Why We Love Them

From their 100% organic CBD blends that help the mind, body and skin, to herbal and mushroom capsules that bolster immunity, Plant People empowers consumers to make alternative choices when seeking relief. Producing their blends in the USA, Plant People gives back to the environment that gives them so much through their partnership with American forests to plant a tree for every product sold. So if you’re looking to get the full benefits that plants can offer, Plant People is here to help.

Origin Story

Gabe Kennedy and Hudson Gaines-Ross met each other on a hike, and found that they shared an experience in surgery for traumatic spinal injuries. After their surgery, they discovered the hard way that prescription painkillers caused irritability, dissociation, and general malaise. Seeking an alternative, the two friends found their cure in cannabis, which began them on a plant-based healing path. Once they felt whole again, Kennedy and Gaines-Ross wanted to share their experience with the world, in order to help those suffering without using prescription or over the counter medications. They founded Plant People to do just that, spreading the highest quality CBD to a world in need. Since launch, Plant People has expanded from selling CBD tinctures and topicals to selling Mushroom and Herbal supplements that are CBD free, hemp skincare, and hemp capsules. They continue to innovate and turn herbs and botanicals into effective formulas so humans can fully harvest the power of plants.


  • High quality CBD tinctures, ointments, and capsules to help the mind and body
  • Options for sleep, inflammatory relief, immune health, stress relief, and much more
  • Made from completely organic plants grown in Colorado

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Plant People’s bread and butter is CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis. Grown from Cannabis Sativa plants in Colorado, it eases pain and anxiety, helps with sleep, and gives a calming sensation without the “high” associated with marijuana. Plant People uses over 80 types of non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid besides CBD in their tinctures, capsules, and ointments, all of which ensure a healthier, happier life. Their hemp is non-GMO and organic, and all of their products are paraben-free, cruelty-free, and 100% sustainably sourced.

Plant People follows lab testing to ensure safety and efficiency, and they publish their lab reports so consumers can see exactly how the formula in their hands fared during testing. They work with a Practitioner Advisory Board made up of experts like acupuncturists, herbal medicine doctors, and sports physiologist who combine over 120 years of experience to make effective and innovative all-natural solutions for their consumers.

The Soul

Although it can be of great benefit to many people, prescription medication has shown a host of physical and mental side effects. Plant People, through their CBD and other cannabis components, help people live their lives with greatly reduced stress, inflammation, insomnia, and pain, all completely naturally.

Plant People was recently named a Certified B Corp, though they had been living the B corp values as a brand for years. To give back to the environment that provides them with their plants, Plant People partners with the non-profit American Forests to plant a tree for every product sold on their website. They are 100% climate neutral, and invest in the health of the soil that grows their plants. Even their packaging is as healthy as possible for the environment; it is Forest Stewardship Certified and they use recycled glass for their bottles.