Confidence-boosting intimates that hug you in all the right places for a size-inclusive fit.

About Parade

Don’t worry we’ll make this brief (pun intended). Parade is a bold, hip, inclusive women’s underwear brand that is rewriting the American underwear story and introducing the world to a new layer of vibrant, female-focused self-expression. Instead of flaunting the typical, hyper-sexualized, heavily altered, lingerie-led, male-gaze fanservice, Parade celebrates individualism by encouraging everyday people to post pictures in their underwear on social media, just as they are. No pants, no shame, #nofilter.

Why We Love Them

This fresh, female-founded, technicolor underwear brand is just as empowering as it is fun. Parade is more than their product; they’ve created a community of women and fem-identifying people that are redefining what it means to be “sexy” by showing the world exactly what they’re working with — stretch marks and all — and celebrating that act of self-assurance. In all of this confetti-colored confidence is a person that’s proud of who they are and comfortable in their own skin, and inspiring that kind of positivity is Parade’s core purpose.

Origin Story

Twenty-two-year-old Cami Tellez was tired of seeing the same supermodels in angel wings advertising pink, lace thongs for prices that were simply unattainable to most. Recognizing the underwear space was in need of a massive transformation, she set out on a mission to spark that change, herself. With one semester left in her college career, she dropped out of Columbia University, and dedicated her full focus to building a better underwear brand; the kind of inclusive, body-positive brand she wished had existed when she was small. With her younger sister in mind, she worked with her friend Jack DeFuria to build a brand rooted in originality, sustainability, advocacy, and inclusivity. This dynamic duo went on to challenge the status quo, successfully raising $8 million in funding — with half a million pairs of underwear sold in just one year.


  • Underwear and bralettes in colorful, comfortable, and stylish fabrics
  • Made with sustainable, recycled fabrics free from harmful chemicals
  • Created for every size from XS to 3XL
  • Donates 1% of their revenue to Planned Parenthood
  • Packaging is compostable and made of 100% corn starch

The Science & The Soul

The Science

For those of you who haven’t heard of this brand, it’s one that definitely deserves a closer look. Parade’s products are ethically manufactured from a sustainable and breathable material. All of their materials are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they are free from harmful chemicals that pollute both your skin and our waters. Hallelujah.

The result? Not only do Parade pieces look good, but they’re especially great to wear. Their self-described “buttery-smooth, naked-feel” is worth every bit of the hype it inspires. Comfortable enough to sleep in and durable enough to sweat in—these top-quality bottoms are designed to feel like a second skin.

From sugar plum purple, butterfly blue, and yellow limoncello—these everyday undies and bras beat out boring nudes and uncomfortable panties any day of the week. Parade’s limited-edition collections, Birthday and Ice Cream, are intensely eye-catching, made to brighten not only your drawers, but your day — and obviously your butt.

The Soul

So long to storefronts selling sex appeal in the form of rhinestone-encrusted push-up bras and senselessly delicate lace thongs. Parade is marching to the beat of a new and vibrant drum, and inviting others to celebrate their own, unique rhythm and personal style. This new narrative encourages the self-confidence and freedom that comes from dancing in your underwear to your favorite songs, rather than asking women to compare themselves to an unattainable and unrealistic ideal. While brands like Victoria’s Secret built their foundations on air-brushed celebrities, Parade has introduced a different strategy. Parade gifts their underwear to college students and everyday people who embody the joyful spirit of the brand. One in eight people post photos in their Parade underwear on social media, and this type of creative self-expression and colorful community-building is what the brand is all about. And we think that’s something to celebrate.

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