Outdoor Voices

Technical recreation apparel that makes you want to move anywhere, anytime.

About Outdoor Voices

Remember those childhood moments where you were reminded to use your indoor voice? Well, imagine an activewear line that promotes doing things with such vibrancy and joy that you feel the freedom to live as loudly as you’d like. Enter, Outdoor Voices.

Why We Love Them

From leopard-print exercise dresses to fleece sweatpants so soft that they’re named Nimbus after the airiest, fluffiest clouds, OV’s personality and appreciation for individual expression shines through their products and branding. Known for their best-in-class (and in-home) activewear, engineered for performance and designed for fun, Team OV focuses on developing state-of-the-art materials to ensure that customers have comfort, mobility, and confidence in their gear. Choose from their signature, sweat-drying TechSweat line, or bundle up in their recycled wool, naturally thermoregulating MegaFleece.

Origin Story

After noticing a gap in the athleisure and fitness apparel market, OV Founder and CEO Tyler Haney put her Parsons design studies to use and created what quickly became a viral brand loved by millennials everywhere. Her goal? Inspire people of all types — from the 5:30 AM rise-and-grind early birds, to the snooze-button-bashers — to enjoy both activewear and being active — without the obligation or pressure of athletic performance. Her focus is to encourage movement of all kinds with a heavy emphasis on outdoor recreation, veering away from the industry standard and social pressure of tying numbers and metrics to every run, score cards to every spin class, and spec sheets to every yoga session. Outdoor Voices is a brand that promotes fun and functionality over competition and compulsion, while ensuring delivering colorful designs made from long-lasting, comfortable materials.


  • Products are designed through the lens of longevity and circularity to reduce environmental impact. Reducing their use of conventional fabrics in favor of more sustainable alternatives
  • Focus on lifecycle solutions to repurpose, repair, and recirculate their used products
  • Promoting joy through moving and doing things anytime, anywhere
  • Environmentally conscious decision-making across all aspects of business (headquarters, shops, partnerships, events)

The Science & The Soul

The Science

OV’s Shop By Fabric feature allows customers to filter options based on specific material qualities and needs to find styles that fit even the most meticulous material preferences. From supportive, 4-way-stretch Textured Compression and insanely soft CloudKnit fabrics, to water-resistant TerraStretch and ultra-lightweight LightSpeed materials, OV offers 8 scientifically-developed, specialized fabrics to choose from — each and every time you shop.

Outdoor Voices seamlessly marries quality, material, performance, personality, and fit, inspiring confidence through every workout and every wear. Whether you’re looking for a cool, modern monotone look or vibrant, bold statement-making style, Outdoor Voices‘ fun, functional fitness apparel comes in all shapes and sizes designed to fit any personality.

The Soul

OV’s goal to inspire movement extends well beyond their eye-popping product selection. Join the team’s Virtual Recess fitness classes (until they can resume meeting IRL) in partnership with fitness industry experts, or tap into your creative side and show off some of those design skills with their OV Tote Bag Instagram Challenge. Outdoor Voices has asked their customers to repurpose the brand’s signature OV Tote Bag into something functional, fresh, and new — and share the design. Tote turned chic shorts? Yeah, that design is already covered.

OV is on a mission to encourage its customers to sweat more, smile together, and stay active by #doingthings each day — in the ways that work for them. They’re highlighting the human side of the fitness industry, creating freedom to move with purpose and playfulness without pressure, and encouraging everyone to find strength, beauty, and power in their own Outdoor Voices.