Our Place

Insta-famous nonstick cookware that saves you serious cabinet space.

About Our Place

The maker of the non-stick and non-toxic 8 in 1 pan and other aesthetically pleasing kitchen appliances and dishes.

Why We Love Them

Chocolate chip pancakes flipping effortlessly into the air without sticking to the pan and salted sunny-side-up eggs that glide about without an ounce of oil. That’s the Sunday morning of our dreams, only made possible by Our Place’s Always Pan. Shiza Shahid believes that there is some-thing really powerful about the way in which home cooking connects us. She’s not wrong, even my dog wants to be included. Jokes aside, our culture and identity live at the ends of our forks and knives and what we cook with is just as important as what we’re cooking. Her line of non-stick, non-toxic, aesthetically-pleasing cookware consists of products that make it easier for us to spend more time enjoying our meals, than cleaning up after them.

Origin Story

Pakistani woman and immigrant, Shiza, speaks of food and cooking as a powerful tool she uses to connect with her roots. It wasn’t always like this. Growing up, her mother never taught her to cook, fearing her daughter would equate her worth to the amount of time she spent stirring a pot. Ironically enough, home cooking became Shiza’s love language as she found her place in America by cooking and sharing her food with others. Her homeware line celebrating the multi-ethnic American kitchen didn’t happen overnight. Let’s fast forward. Shiza’s first home of her own in the U.S. was a studio apartment in New York with a tiny cupboard that lacked the room to conceal 15 bulky pots and pans. Acknowledging the need for simplicity, functionality and space—she set out to create one pan that could do it all (and looked good doing it too). Thus, the kitchen magician, Always Pan, was born.


  • Mission-minded, founder has co-founded an organization called The Malala Fund that works to provide access to schooling to girls around the world
  • Products just as ethical and sustainable as they are stylish
  • Products made from recyclable and non-toxic materials
  • Partnered with Feeding America to help ensure that no one goes hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Lo’ and behold, this shapeshifting sauce pan is in fact, not sorcery. It truly is a deep fryer, skillet, sauce pan, and sauté pan all-in-one and can sear, braise, saute, fry and boil. This best-selling, Instagram-famous pan does the job of eight pans. Can you believe it? The Always Pan wasn’t coined the most buzz-worthy kitchen staple of 2020 for nothing: it has a stainless steel steamer basket for veggies (or dumplings, we’re not judging), a nesting beechwood spatula attached, an easy-pour spout, ridges that catch condensation and a lid that releases steam when you want and locks when you don’t. Deep enough to boil soup and shallow enough to flip an egg, this pan is just as multi-facetted as it is aesthetic.

It’s available in six beautifully-muted matte tones making this non-toxic, non-stick pan, designed to steal the kitchen spotlight. Most conventional non-stick pans contain toxic endocrine disruptors that end up in your bloodstream, leading to possible long-term chronic issues. Not the Our Place pans. Our Place nixes harmful materials like PFOAs, PTFEs, lead, and other PFAs and opts for a non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating instead. Their full kitchen collection—featuring speckled side bowls, drinking glasses and main plates—are effortlessly stackable and perfect for everyday use alongside their innovative Always Pan.

The Soul

We’re not alone when we say the key to our hearts is through our stomachs. There’s simply no better way to express gratitude, than by cooking someone your love, their favorite meal. Our Place is breaking down the barriers to cooking, making it possible for anyone to whip up cultural cuisine and recreate dishes native to countries, thousands of miles away.

For Shiza, It’s always been more than pots and pans. Our Place invests in telling stories about real people with an aim to celebrate traditions as well as create new ones. The company works with sustainable materials, female artisans and is rooted in activism. Before she was a cookware entrepreneur, Shiza co-founded an organization called The Malala Fund which empowers education, providing schooling access to girls around the world. Clearly, Shiza has recognized her place in the world to change things for the better and work create a more inclusive world one pan at a time.