Of Mercer

Workwear for women, designed by women that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

About Of Mercer

A work-wear company designed by women, for women. Making stylish pieces in high quality performance fabrics and unique silhouettes. These pieces are safe for work, but definitely not boring. We promise.

Why We Love Them

Of Mercer is bringing women’s workwear to the 21st century. Each design is simple, stylish, and can be worn for years to come. Plus, Of Mercer thoroughly inspects every detail of the design to ensure it fits women’s bodies and lifestyles.

Origin Story

It all started with one dress. Co-Founders Dorie Golkin Smith and Emelyn Northway met at a business school networking event and bonded over wearing that same dress. They also bonded over their difficulty in finding stylish and comfortable work clothes at an affordable price, so they decided to make it themselves. They partnered with the best designers to create stylish, simple, and strong work clothes that they and their friends would want to wear to work and after. Since their founding, they have continued to design and produce the clothing in NYC, where they continue to take inspiration from.


  • High quality performance fabrics like Luxe Italian Wool
  • Most pieces are machine washable and travel-friendly
  • Made and produced in NYC, female founded
  • Simple yet stylish designs, made for the working woman in mind

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Why is it so easy to find workwear for men, and not for women? That is exactly the question Of Mercer is trying to solve. They create stylish workwear pieces in luxe performance fabrics like Italian wool and Japanese Tech Modal that can easily transition from work to out on the town. But we’re not talking about your normal blazer or pair of slacks. Of Mercer’s designs feature unique necklines, hems, and cuffs that will make you feel confident wherever you go. Plus, they are travel-friendly with little to no wrinkling and machine-washable for easy care.

The Soul

Of Mercer is a woman's wear company that is made by women, for women. These designs are literally designed and constructed with the working woman in mind so every aspect of them is made better than your more "traditional" women's workwear brands.