Premium leather tech-accessories so you can power up, no matter where you venture.

About Nomad

Built to withstand the roughest conditions – and it can get real rough around these parts, especially in hurricane season – Nomad chooses materials such as titanium (for its Apple watch straps) and Kevlar (for its cables). In fact, they say it’s the first time Kevlar has been used to make such a durable cable – its fibers tightly double-braided throughout the exterior and reinforced with a Kevlar central core. And we thought Kevlar only existed in action movies.

Why We Love Them

They say we spend 79 days brushing our teeth during a typical lifetime. Or 122 days waiting for a red light to switch. But this pales in comparison to the amount of time, effort, and heartache that people spend returning broken products to the retailer.

Origin Story

Nomad’s CEO & Cofounder Noah Dentzel was living and working for am internet company in Madrid when he kept finding himself in situations when everyday products let him down. The most annoying of all his phone forever running out of charge. Back in the US, he spent most waking hours in his grandmother’s basement, trying to figure out how to build a super slim credit card shaped USB cable, thin enough to slip into a wallet. Everything kicked into gear when he teamed up with his business-partner-to-be Brian Hahn, who remains Head of Product to this day. With over $150k raised through Kickstarter, they were soon ready to launch the revolutionary wireless charging hub, ChargeCard. Nomad’s collection now includes over 50 tech gadgets, many of which have attracted media attention and been acknowledged through prestigious awards.


  • Stylish cases for iPhones, iPads, AirPods
  • Wireless charging units to keep our devices powered
  • Eye catching, durable Apple watch straps
  • All products designed and built to last
  • 2 year warranty on everything except cables (they carry five years)

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Precision engineering is the name of the game at Nomad. One of its wireless chargers is just over a jaw-dropping centimeter deep, despite into multi-level coil board assembly.  Now that’s ultrathin. All those awkward cables that get tangled around our desk can be consigned to history. Phones will start charging no matter how they’re placed on the charge surface.

The Soul

Nomad has described the smartphone as the modern equivalent of a sword – if you’re aiming to get stuff done, you should never be without it. And like the best swords people, Nomad values resourcefulness, adventure and living in the moment. And, despite their name, Nomad doesn’t intend to wander the world alone. It’s a proud member of Mission Brand Alliance – the coming together of like minded brands who value social impact over profits, who offer plastic-free products and have a top notch conservation record.