Natural Girl Wigs

Locally-made, premium quality wigs for Natural Queens.

About Natural Girl Wigs

With over 50 styles made right here in the USA, Natural Girl Wigs offers high-quality wigs across a range of styles and at affordable prices.

Why We Love Them

“Natural Hair rocks, but styling can be a hassle”. And Natural Girl Wigs is here to help. Most importantly, whether its a wig or extension, Natural Girl Wigs encourages women with textured hair to embrace their style, rock their favorite looks, and own their personal hair identity, all while exploring and enjoying natural hairstyle — without limits.

Origin Story

When Founder Oluremi Martins created Natural Girl Wigs, she not only wanted to create a company that provides high-quality wigs, Afrocentric units, and hair styling resources, but also a company that celebrates black women, female friendships, and black beauty. Oluremi, having fought her own natural hair styling battles, found herself (and her hairstyle) limited by the lack of hair products and resources available to women with natural hair. Since she couldn’t find the wigs and extensions she needed online, she turned to her community for feedback and support. She started an Instagram that celebrated black beauty and posted about how much she loved natural textured wigs. Her audience’s response confirmed that she wasn’t alone, and proved that there was a gap in the market and a common need among women looking for textured wigs and extensions to support the expressive styles they wanted to wear. Since launching Natural Girl Wigs, Martins’ collection has expanded to over 50 wigs, and her brand has created a community built on celebrating black beauty, exploring hair personality, providing support and natural hair styling content, and generating confidence.


  • Collection of over 50 wig styles, made using top-quality virgin human hair and premium fibre hair in 3B – 4C hair textures
  • Made in the USA by local black hairstylists
  • 100% Black-Owned Business and Female lead
  • High quality natural wigs offered at affordable prices
  • Celebrates natural beauty by encouraging an exploration of hairstyles and techniques

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Natural Girl Wigs offers a collection of over 50 styles that are made out of virgin human hair and premium fibres. The wigs are made and designed by black professional hairstylists across Lagos and Texas. Plus, every wig goes through a quality control process to ensure that every unit made fits the highest quality standards.

The Soul

Natural Girl Wigs is inspired by black culture, expression, beauty, and style. The brand educates women about natural haircare through hair quizzes, explainer videos, styling techniques, how-to’s, and a variety of other content.

Natural Girl Wigs has grown to become a vibrant educational hub and community helping women embrace their style, explore new techniques, and celebrate their beauty. They offer a wide range of hair types and style options, all at affordable prices so that there’s a something for everyone and every budget.