Ethically-made cozy cashmere styles for a laid-back luxury look.

About Naadam

You herd it right- these clothes are Naadam good. Made only from the finest alpaca and goat cashmere wool, their hoodies, cardigans, and dresses are so soft, you’ll feel like you’re grazing the clouds.

Why We Love Them

Try these genuine, cruelty-free outfits for up to fifteen days, and at the end we’ll bet anything you’ll agree with us that Naadam is the GOAT.

Origin Story

Matthew Scanlan and Diederik Rijsemus traveled to the far off Gobi Desert (we had to look it up, it’s in Mongolia) and befriended the local shepherds. The two friends realized that cashmere traders were underpaying the herders while overpricing their wares. Scanlan and Rijsemus cut out the middlemen and took that sweet cashmere for themselves. Naadam took off almost immediately, with everyone benefitting. The nomadic shepherds received better pay for their wares, and the customers paid far less for these fantastic clothes. With a diversified combination of wholesale, retail, private label, and e-commerce, Naadam is soaring higher than a goat with wings.


  • Extremely soft, comfortable cashmere knitted clothing made from real wool
  • Work with herders in the Gobi Desert to create lasting partnerships
  • Sustainable and ethical business practices built into the company’s foundation
  • Delta Project seeks to bring diverse perspectives and people together

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Sourcing their cashmere directly from the Zalaa Jinst white goat in Mongolia, Naadam uses old-school methods like hand combing, in order to get the best and softest material possible. While ensuring that everyone is treated fairly, from the shepherds to their goats, Naadam receives the incredibly fine, soft fibers, and spins them into sweaters, pants, dresses, scarves, and so much more. The ratio is about four goats per sweater, but these wooly mammals are the ultimate renewable resource.

The Soul

At their inception, Naadam wanted to make sure that everybody profited fairly in their business. For the shepherds and designers, that means higher wages and decent working conditions. For the animals, it means good veterinarian care and treatment. Naadam is committed to their roots, funding programs in the Gobi Desert to bring clean water, community parks, and livestock insurance for the herders and their families. For the people who have given them so much, Naadam pays it forward.