Mizzen + Main

The perfect combo of performance wear and stylish staples for men to take on the day, comfortably.

About Mizzen + Main

With these shirts, you can show up to your board meeting looking professional, while feeling like you’re hanging out at the beach. The unique fabric incorporates the perfect fit, the perfect feel, and the perfect style for every body type.

Why We Love Them

Every man across the world knows the endless struggle between looking good and feeling comfortable. Mizzen+Main has finally broken the chain by asking: why not both? Come set sail and see for yourself why these shirts are our new fascination.

Origin Story

One sweltering day in 2012 Washington DC, Kevin Lavelle noticed that everyone, from congressmen to staff interns, were all wearing and sweating through the same, stiff dress shirts. Lavelle knew there had to be a better way, and so he founded Mizzen+Main, taking the name from the two masts of a sailboat. The performance fabric dress shirt was a true disruption to a stagnant market, propelling the business ship forward until they dominated their market share.


  • Comfort yet stylish pieces for every occasion
  • Online fit finder makes shopping easier and worry free
  • Machine Washable

The Science & The Soul

The Science

The shirts of Mizzen+Main use two uniquely developed fabrics: Leeward and Spinnaker. The former is a crisp, lightweight fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable using moisture-wicking technology, while the latter is a unique, soft knit material with unparalleled stretch. Either option gives a plethora of designer dress shirts, from the classic white perfect for suits, to the more business-casual plaid and blue. Any way you cut it, the engineers of M+M have made a truly groundbreaking discovery, setting the men of the world free from shirts that suffocate.

The Soul

Mizzen+Main considers it their duty to give back, and they are proud to sponsor the Adaptive Training Foundation. The ATF provides rehabilitation and physical therapy to help veterans who have suffered injuries in the line of duty. Four times a year, M+M sponsors one athlete to help with the training programs, while a representative from their team stays on site to assist the athletes and instructors. Going above and beyond, this brand is a true inspiration to anyone looking to make a difference.