Ministry of Supply

High-performance workwear designed for highly-productive people.

About Ministry of Supply

Their entire collection of sweat-proof, flexible, and machine-washable attire has garnered two Guinness World Records for Fastest Half Marathon in a Suit as well as NASA’s Innovation Award. So yes, you can get your steps in and look like a boss while doing so too.

Why We Love Them

Today, business professionals are multi-tasking like never before. Jumping on back-to-back zoom meetings, taking virtual cycling classes and walking our dogs while on conference calls has become the “new normal”. Thankfully, Ministry of Supply produces all-day work clothes appropriate enough for morning meetings on camera and durable enough for long walks, jogs or runs around the neighborhood (you do you).

Origin Story

On his usual business trips, Aman Advani often found himself delirious at the crack of dawn, searching frantically for an iron in hotel rooms to remove the wrinkles from his button-down shirts. These hotel irons became his savior when revitalizing his packed work attire. He quickly came to the conclusion business clothes were anything but wrinkle-proof, travel-proof or even comfortable for that matter. In 2011, Aman visited MIT to complete an MBA, equipped with his business plan which combined the best aspects of performance apparel with the aesthetic of business wear. It was a match made in heaven when Aman met recent MIT School of Engineering graduate, Gihan Amarasiriwardena, who had been manually replacing the backs of dress shirts with running shirts instead. The two knew they had to create a company with comfort and capability at its core. After they graduated, they married technology with advanced manufacturing to reinvent what people wear to work, coining a category of “Performance Professional” clothing for men and women during their launch in 2012.


  • Dedicated to combating waste in the textile industry by using recycled materials
  • A timeless aesthetic, designed, built and tested to perform with a lifetime guarantee
  • Apparel made from recyclable and non-toxic materials
  • Carbon Neutral Certified
  • Free Returns & Exchanges
  • Produced and donated 1,500 3D Print-Knit Masks to help fight COVID-19

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Aman questioned that if fabric and designs could be engineered to better athletes, why couldn’t they be redesigned for professionals who start their day at 6 a.m., sweat through nerve-wracking presentations and still have to maintain looking crisp and camera-ready at the end of a day? He knew that MIT was the right place to discover how best to use science and engineering in order to create the business wear of his dreams.

Ministry of Supply has developed numerous, inventive fabric materials used to manufacture their unique best-selling blazers, pants and dresses. Their Apollo fabric is made from the same material NASA uses to regulate astronauts’ body temperature. Talk about out of this world innovation. Aero Zero is a 100% recycled material which in turn allows for 100% carbon neutral shirts. Both moisture-wicking and breathable— you can finally conquer the work day without the added stress and sweat. Ministry of Supply also 3-D knit prints their designs for flexibility and freedom of movement. So go ahead, indulge in some downward dogs on your yoga mat in your Adaptive Pants and stretch out those legs after sitting for so long. You deserve it.

The Soul

Fully committed to preserving our climate, Ministry of Supply is constantly looking for ways to lessen their carbon footprint. Their clothing is made from recycled materials and their state-of-the-art Aero Zero fabric is made using 51% fewer carbon emissions than conventional cotton. From inputs to supply chain, they are constantly trying to reduce their environmental impact and create a more sustainable world. Both Aman and Gihan are committed to engineering products for those who never stop moving and working to make a difference in the world. It’s their promise to create apparel that works with us, without the forbidden pit stains and wrinkles, of course.