Mack Weldon

Premium clothes or cool-looking dudes with sleek, tailored style.

About Mack Weldon

How much fun is it, digging through the shelves for underwear that ends up pinching places that shouldn’t pinch, or undershirts that show too much skin after a wash? For most men, not very. Mack Weldon agrees, and so they’ve created a digital marketplace for simple essentials.

Why We Love Them

For every man who’s ever stared blankly at the back of a pack of socks, for every man who doesn’t need to know what “athletic tapered underwear” means, this is for you.

Origin Story

Brian Berger, Mack Weldon’s founder was one of these men, confused as to why these essential clothes were so difficult to pin down. He decided to create a place where men could find exactly what they needed, unburdened by endless tags and taglines. In essence, they wanted to keep their briefs brief, and their shorts short. Using unique and uniquely comfortable fabric, Mack Weldon grew into a place where any man could feel at home. And they don’t just come out with their clothes and leave them on the hanger. Mack Weldon listens to their community of grateful men, constantly upgrading their products to better suit the next generation.


  • Comfortable, functional, easy to buy essential clothing
  • Products are constantly evolving, taking into account real men’s opinions
  • Every stitch is made ethically, certified by WRAP and ISO

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Designed for performance as well as comfort, the best in the world wasn’t good enough for these undies, and so Mack Weldon designed their own fabric blends. Their 18-Hour Jersey blends together cotton, modal, and Lycra, before sitting 18 hours to naturally expand. The AIRKNITx microfiber blend was made to maximize airflow, stretch in every direction, wick moisture, and resist odors. That’s the kind of fabric I would trust with my most valuable assets.

The Soul

Making a great product doesn’t mean much if its manufacturing isn’t just as great. Mack Weldon’s fabric sources and factories around the world are certified by ISO and WRAP. These oversight agencies ensure every worker is treated equitably and paid fairly. Every stitch of every piece of clothing is made with the highest level of quality and care; they wouldn’t settle for anything less.