Kettle & Fire

Organic bone broths so delicious, you won't believe they're insanely healthy.

About Kettle & Fire

We make no bones about it: Kettle & Fire have the best broths on the market. Made from 100% grass-fed and finished beef bones and pasture- raised chicken bones, these stocks, soups, and broths are chock-full of nutrients, unique flavors, and nothing artificial.

Why We Love Them

Nutritious and delicious, they can be eaten on their own out of your favorite mug, used as a base for cooking, or stored in the pantry for up to two years. Kettle & Fire makes it easy to eat healthy, and their high quality broths will quickly become a staple in your kitchen — so you’ll want to stock up.

Origin Story

After his brother Nick suffered a terrible knee injury, Justin Mares began looking into bone broths to aid recovery and improve physical performance. Unfortunately, the brothers could not find a single organic brand on the shelves, and decided to make one themselves. Together, they created a hassle-free bone broth that was healthy, easy to use, shelf-stable, and most importantly, tasty. Kettle & Fire was the first shelf-stable, grass-fed bone broth on the market. While the brand began with chicken and beef broths, Kettle & Fire soon expanded into a diverse variety of hearty, wholesome, standalone soups. They currently offer everything from Miso to Butternut Squash, as well as a variety of ketogenic soups in flavors like Broccoli Cheddar and Mushroom Bisque. As they continue to grow, Kettle & Fire ensures their organic ingredients are of the highest quality available, and that the bones used to brew their broths are from grass-fed animals.


  • Delicious, nutritious, extremely convenient bone broths
  • Variety of flavors — from ketogenic broths, to soups, to cooking stock
  • Able to keep for up to two years in the pantry
  • Bone broths made exclusively from the bones of animals that were raised humanely and organically
  • Recyclable, eco-friendly packaging, sourced from responsible forest management

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Kettle & Fire bone broth is made using high-quality ingredients with no artificial ingredients or preservatives; no antibiotics or hormones; and no extra sodium. The bones come from humanely raised, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished cattle and chicken. As bone-a-fied leaders in the soup space, Kettle & Fire also spend considerable time educating people on the health benefits of bone broth.

A Tried and True Superfood

What is bone broth good for, anyway?

The short answer? Pretty much everything.

When it comes to comprehensive, wholesome nutrition, bone broth is a gold mine. Boasting a wealth of healthy minerals and an abundance of protein-rich amino acids, bone broth is basically a natural multivitamin, and offers many health benefits to those consuming it.

Bone broth contains a variety of incredibly nutritious health compounds that benefit nearly every part of the body. Normally, most of these nutrients are contained in the parts of animals we rarely eat or cannot directly consume (such as tendons, cartilage, ligaments, and… well… bones). However, the slow, simmering, heat of broth-brewing allows these ingredients to break down, releasing a wealth of healing nutrients and warm, savory flavor.

Brewing The Best Bone Broth

In order to make the best possible broths, both in terms of nutrition and taste, the cooks at Kettle & Fire slow-simmer marrow bones with fresh, organic vegetables for 20-24 hours at 130°F. During this time, the collagen, amino acids, and other nutrients soak into the broth, resulting in an deliciously rich culinary experience. The broths can then be eaten on their own, or combined and cooked with other vegetables and meats, infusing the freshness, flavor, and health properties of the blend into every bowl or dish. Plus, Kettle & Fire bone broths have a 2-year shelf life — without losing their freshness, quality, or taste, so you can nourish your body with high quality products whenever you choose.

With abundant amino acids and healing minerals, bone broth is a protein-rich powerhouse of full-body rejuvenation and recovery. From promoting gut and digestive health; to supporting joint mobility and collagen production; to nourishing and strengthening skin, hair and nails, Kettle & Fire isn’t just serving up top-quality, organic bone broth, they’re sharing Mother Nature’s best kept secret — one bowl at a time.

The Soul

When they began, the Mares brothers had a bone to pick with the industry behind the broths they sought — and weren’t afraid to stir the pot. From the beginning, they knew that where and how they sourced their product would be just as important to their brand as the product itself.

Nick and Justin ensured that Kettle & Fire would continue to honor its commitment to quality sourcing by holding themselves and their partners to the highest standards regarding the quality of life provided to the animals they use and raise.

Every single bone used to create Kettle & Fire‘s broths, soups, and blends comes from animals who have led healthy, natural lives; roaming, grazing, and living off of grass as nature intended. The meat industry remains one of the worst in America, but with brands like Kettle & Fire changing the landscape, things are slowly getting brighter.

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