Hard kombucha that gives you a refreshing better-for-you buzz.

About JuneShine

Organic Hard Kombucha that tastes good and is good for your gut. Plus, JuneShine brings transparency to the alcohol industry, which is refreshing in every sense of the word.

Why We Love Them

What do you get when you merge health-and-wellness-driven organics and American-made, craft alcohol? JuneShine. Juneshine makes an all-natural hard kombucha crafted with organic ingredients. Now available across the US, JuneShine is made with real fruit and low sugar for a satisfying drink that fits for any social occasion and lifestyle. Most importantly, JuneShine is completely transparent when it comes to the ingredients they use to create their Kombucha, delivering formulas free of harmful additives and artificial ingredients.

Origin Story

“If I can wear organic cotton and eat organic food, why can’t I drink something that’s organic as well?” That’s what co-founder Forrest Dein thought to himself as he started to dream up what would later become JuneShine. He and his co-founder, Greg Serrao, had both dabbled in the craft beer scene and found that many alcohol brands weren’t transparent about how their product was made. They also noticed that they could find organic, all-natural products in aisle of the grocery store and across every category — except alcohol. So, they set out to change it. As drinkers of Kombucha, they realized it was one of the only alcoholic drinks that they could create using natural and organic ingredients while preserving natural, health benefits like antioxidants and probiotics. With the final formula for their organic, craft kombucha complete and bottled, JuneShine was officially born. Flash forward to today — JuneShine is one of the fastest growing kombucha brands on the market and is dedicated to delivering transparency, listing the natural ingredients they use to create each flavor. JuneShine is available in grocery stores across the country and for delivery, nationwide — so that everyone can experience the refreshing, all natural taste of hard kombucha.


  • Hard kombucha made out of all natural, organic ingredients
  • Filled with probiotics and antioxidants in every sip
  • No added sugar, no preservatives, no GMOs, and never pasteurized
  • Produced and made with transparency

The Science & The Soul

The Science

So, JuneShine makes hard kombucha, but what exactly is hard kombucha? We’re glad you asked. Hard kombucha is kombucha (obvs) that goes through an extra fermentation process to raise the ABV to between 5-7%. It is not spiked or malt like spiked seltzers and other alcoholic teas; the actual fermentation process is what makes hard kombucha alcoholic. More importantly, it contains the same probiotics, vitamins, and antioxidants as natural kombucha. JuneShine’s hard kombucha is brewed from naturally fermented green tea and honey, also known as Jun Kombucha, which is considered the “champagne of kombucha” due to its lighter, drier taste. JuneShine adds all natural ingredients like real fruit to make their craft kombucha refreshing and flavorful — without being too sugary or sweet.

JuneShine’s drinks are organic, low sugar, and gluten free. They are made out of real fruit and are never pasteurized. There are no added sugar substitutes (like Stevia), fake “natural” flavors, or flavor extracts, GMOs, or preservatives in JuneShine blends — unlike many other alcoholic drinks. They sell 6 main flavors on their website: Midnight Painkiller, Blood Orange Mint, Hopical Citrus, Acai Berry, Honey Ginger Lemon, and Hibiscus Lime, which is their 100 calorie drink, and they introduce limited edition blends quarterly. JuneShine‘s blends come portable in cans and can be enjoyed indoors, outdoors, and in all seasons.

The Soul

JuneShine was created to embody the lifestyle of consuming responsibly-sourced, transparent, and organic products. They want consumers to feel the same way about consuming JuneShine as they do about the other organic and natural brands they wear and eat.

JuneShine commits to transparency across the board for its consumers. They don’t want JuneShine to hinder your active lifestyle, but instead fit into it seamlessly. Plus, 1% of their sales are donated to sustainability-focused nonprofits.

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