Jiggy Puzzles

Beautiful puzzles that you can frame, featuring designs from female artists.

About Jiggy Puzzles

Whether you recently discovered puzzling as a stress-relieving activity during the COVID-19 pandemic, or if you are an expert puzzler, one thing remains the same, you don’t want to put together puzzles featuring cheap, stock photos. Jiggy is shaking up the puzzle industry with puzzles featuring artwork from female artists that you can frame after you finish.

Why We Love Them

These aren’t your children’s puzzles! Made to highlight and support the work of incredible women artists, Jiggy Puzzles offer a fantastic, stress-relieving activity to complete with friends or by yourself. The designs are absolutely amazing; when you’re finally finished piecing it together, you can frame the puzzle and adorn your wall with scenes of utter beauty. Come get Jiggy with it and find your missing piece.

Origin Story

In 2019, Kaylin Marcotte found her muse in jigsaw puzzles. She loved putting them together as a relaxing hobby but was too often disappointed with the bland designs upon completion. Never one to settle, Marcotte founded Jiggy Puzzles, incorporating the best works of rising female artists to create beautiful, inspiring landscapes and portraits. Out of pure coincidence, Jiggy began selling their puzzles just a few months before the coronavirus pandemic hit. For thousands stuck indoors, these puzzles were a lifeline to keep from going stir-crazy. Sales rose 550%, and more and more people are getting Jiggy every day.


  • Unique, beautiful, artistic designs
  • Puzzles offer a fun, stress-relieving activity
  • Promotes amazing women’s artwork

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Jiggy Puzzle pieces come in a reusable glass jar, and every single one is accompanied by a tube of puzzle glue. This way, you can choose upon completion whether to break it up and start again, or glue the puzzle together and hang it up. Puzzles are either 450 or 800 pieces, and either 14×18 inches, or 18×24 inches.

The Soul

When she started Jiggy, Kaylin Marcotte wanted more than just interesting designs. She sought to celebrate the work of emerging female artists, and through buying their work she has done just that. Every puzzle comes with a short biography of the artist, many of whom are unknown to the larger world. Every day, Jiggy is helping bring these incredible talents to the forefront of the art world.

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