Isle de Nature

Luxury beeswax candles that are sustainably made and remind people of the beautiful scents of nature.

About Isle de Nature

Isle de Nature is a home-fragrance company making luxury beeswax candles to remind people of the beautiful scents of nature. Inspired by the belief that nature is a luxury that humans should treat with honor and respect, Isle De Nature makes their products out of beeswax from Bees in Dominica.

Why We Love Them

Any brand that makes people pause from their busy lives and take a moment to reflect is worth mentioning, and Isle de Nature is doing just that. Isle de Nature creates buzzworthy fragrances with its hand made and hand poured beeswax candles. Its debut candle, Pagua Bay, is inspired by the island of Dominica in the West Indies and contains notes of local bay leaf, florals and spices.

Origin Story

Veronica Armstrong was formerly a GM at DTC greeting card company Lovepop. After seeing the devastating impact Hurricane Maria had on the environment, especially the bee population, she had to step in. Armstrong decided a good way to support the bee population and increase awareness about the environment was to manufacture sophisticated beeswax candles. She created home-fragrance brand Isle de Nature, and in 2020, launched the first scent Pagua Bay.


  • Luxury beeswax candles from Dominican beeswax and hand poured in the USA
  • 40 hour burn time and the vessel can be saved and upcycled
  • Every purchase builds more bee hives in Dominica

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Isle De Nature blends sustainable beeswax from local bee populations in Dominica with soy wax and coconut oil. Each candle is free of parabens, phthalate, phenol, and palm oil, and hand poured in the US. Every candle comes in a handmade, translucent clay vessel crafted by world-renowned designer Joe Ducet. When you light the candle, a delicate honeycomb pattern displays on the walls. The vessels are designed to be treasured and saved even after the candle burns out. 

For those who would rather smell before they spend, Isle offers a ceramic Scent Coin that’s hand-dipped in Pagua Bay’s fragrance and counts towards the candle's full purchase.

The Soul

The Vessel looks so good you won’t want to throw it out, and you don’t have to! Just upcycle it and use it around the house. Plus, every purchase helps build more bee hives in Dominica, which is great not only to support the local farmers, but also to support a population of bees that are dying around the world.