At-home rowing workouts that make you feel like you're actually on the water.

About Hydrow

Decades-old design, horribly uncomfortable seats, and loud, bulky mechanics make the standard rowing machine less of a glide and more like a drag. Hydrow is changing the game and giving the rower a long-overdue upgrade.
Hydrow takes your training out of the gym and into your home with a new, intuitive reimagined rower and training experience, with live, outdoor workouts led by world class Athletes and an active fitness community to help keep you engaged and accountable, and let's be honest — flex that competitive side. But don't let Hydrow's high-tech, sleek, streamlined style fool you, this all-digital and electromagnetic machine delivers a deeply immersive on-river experience that takes you straight to the water, from the comfort of your home.

Why We Love Them

This sophisticated piece of fitness tech puts the ergin ergonomic design. Where its predecessor was noisy, cumbersome, uncompromising, and uncomfortable, the Hydrow rower is sleek, silent, adaptive, and smart. Where traditional rower models use a flywheel to simulate drag, Hydrow allows for full orientation in every aspect, so that each rower can adjust the machine to their individual preferences.

Origin Story

It may come as no surprise that the founder and CEO of Hydrow, Bruce Smith, was a USA national rowing team coach. Smith saw and experienced firsthand the antiquated nature of modern rowing machines, and decided to fix the problem himself. Combining sleek, elegant, racing-shell style, cutting-edge hardware, and an immersive screen and speaker experience, Hydrow was born, introducing a new era of high-performance, transportive design.


  • A completely redesigned rowing (erg) machine
  • Electromagnetic, computer-controlled drag mechanism
  • Accurately simulates the feeling of rowing on the water
  • 22” HD touchscreen display and front-facing speakers bring the river right to you
  • Smooth, silent, and adaptive ergonomic design
  • Offers a variety of live, on-the-river, expert-led workouts that push your body and release your mind