Genderless, high-quality rings that rally behind you and your partners' love without a huge price tag.

About Holden

While the wedding ring industry can often lack inclusivity, HOLDEN is leading its evolution by offering a modern alternative that celebrates all couples. With products made from recycled precious metals and lab grown diamonds, HOLDEN helps every couple celebrate their love story in the way most authentic to them. HOLDEN also donates 1% of sales to the Trevor Project in support of LGBTQ+ youth and the greater community. We couldn’t help but fall in love with them, and we know you will too.

Why We Love Them

HOLDEN believes all love is worth celebrating and by embracing the many forms that love can take, HOLDEN has created a brand for which love is the true focus.

Origin Story

As founders Simon Zhang and Andrew Lim ran their genderless ring and bracelet company Mujo, many of their customers would ask them to sell wedding and engagement bands. Consumers were sick of the expensive and alienating ring shopping experience that was so common when shopping for wedding rings. There were many stories of couples feeling judged, excluded, and overwhelmed during the wedding ring shopping experience, and on top of all that, they couldn’t find affordable styles they actually wanted to wear for the rest of their lives. So Zhang and Lim had the idea to create not only high quality, sustainable and stylish rings, but also completely change the wedding ring shopping experience to celebrate all couples. And so HOLDEN was born.


The Science & The Soul

The Science

HOLDEN is committed to reducing their environmental impact at every part of the ring-making process, so that they can be as environmentally conscious as possible. They make their rings out of recycled,  precious metals, and all of their diamonds are lab grown, which makes them a more ethical resource and more affordable for overall.

All of HOLDEN’s rings are custom made to order, so they don't hold inventory or overproduce ring styles. Any ring that is returned is melted down and turned into a new ring to ensure as little waste as possible. From their eco-conscious packaging to their sustainable products, HOLDEN takes all of the love and consideration put into its product and the community — and extends that same level of care to the planet as a whole.

The Soul

Born out of countless stories of feeling pressured, judged, and excluded while shopping for wedding rings, HOLDEN champions diversity and self expression, while providing a pressure-free experience for each couple they serve. HOLDEN uses genderless language, features genderless styles, and ensures their campaigns represent all couples, not just what is considered “traditional”.

As part of their commitment to celebrating all types of love, HOLDEN donates 1% of sales to the Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention center for LGBTQ+ youth.