Harper Coats

Practical, cruelty-free puffers and parkas that bring the heat.

About Harper Coats

If you dread the biting, relentless cold of wintertime, Harper Coats is here to help.Meet “the best coats for the worst weather.” Offering three timeless styles of different lengths in black, olive, and ivory, Harper Coats designs high-quality, sustainably-produced coats that don’t break the bank. For the fraction of the standard price, you can get a cruelty-free parka or puffer that will keep you warm during all winter activities. Simply put, you no longer have to sacrifice style for warmth — Harper Coats has your back (and your front, and your sides).

Why We Love Them

In addition to be sustainable, cruelty-free, and an all-around fantastic product, Harper Coats truly values the feedback from their customer community and uses those discussions to refine their products. The brand incorporates real user feedback into their designs, and thoroughly tests each product to ensure that each coat satisfies the needs of their customers.

Origin Story

It all began with a classic case of “couldn’t find it so I made it.” It’s no secret that shopping for stylish, high-performance women’s outerwear is tough. Cute and not warm. Warm, but not cute. Great for hitting the trail, but not for hailing a cab to the office or enjoying a night out. Or, in most cases, even if there’s some form of winter-coat-compromise, the price for quality, lasting comfort is simply too high. Lucky for us, founder Rachel Thaw (and yes, we love that her last name fits this brand perfectly) decided that people should be able to have winter coats and wear them too — and set out to make a durable, down winter coat that does both.But this wasn’t Rachel’s first rodeo. You may recognize her name from another one of our favorite brands, Andie Swim. (We secretly hope she creates a brand for every season.)According to Rachel, “When I went looking for a coat that could fill the void in my coat closet, I saw the same void in the market. With my experience helping to build a women’s swimwear brand, I thought there was a similar opportunity in the outerwear market. However, my approach to growth was much different. It started with focusing on a single item, The January Parka — and a test season where I spoke with every single customer about her coat preferences, what she loved about our parka, and, most importantly, what she would change.”After reviewing customer feedback and refining the core product design, Rachel partnered with PETA to create a cruelty-free brand. By the winter, Harper Coats had launched, debuting a collection of coats and winter accessories that directly reflected the wants and needs expressed by customers. Harper’s three signature styles are timeless; comfortable, durable, classic silhouettes designed to defend against the elements and last for years.


  • Ridiculously comfortable and warm (without being too heavy)
  • Sustainably made and cruelty-free (even PETA approved!)
  • Durable and machine washable|Timeless, fashionable styles
  • Competitive pricing

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Featuring small, thoughtful details such as waist-cinchers, removable hoods, faux fur, and strategically placed (generously deep) pockets, Harper Coats are designed to fit any lifestyle while withstanding the worst of winter. Their coats are durable and machine washable (pause here for dramatic effect, because YES) so you can enjoy your jacket, worry-free, and get the most out of your purchase.

The Soul

With so many winter coats using animal fillings, Harper decided to go animal-free in 2020. Their coats are fully vegan. Harper worked in partnership with PETA to ensure that the down used in their coats is sustainably made without any animals being hurt in the process.

After deciding to switch to cruelty-free products, Harper worked with PETA to donate all of their remaining fur stock to a wildlife rehabilitation initiative that uses furs to warm orphaned baby animals. You shouldn’t have to hurt animals in order to stay warm, and Harper Coats doesn’t force you to choose between the two.

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