Happiest Baby

Smart products for parents that take the newborn night shift, every night.

About Happiest Baby

Happiest Baby’s SNOO bassinet is the answer new parents have been looking for. It rocks babies to sleep using Dr. Karp’s pediatric genius, allowing everyone in the house to get some shut-eye. With special womb-imitation, the SNOO bassinet keeps your baby safe and calm throughout the night.

Why We Love Them

Think Tesla, but, you know, for babies. When it comes to rocking and soothing, this bassinet is like a robot-parent that takes over at night, so the real ones can get some rest.

Origin Story

Dr. Harvey Karp and his wife Nina have this baby thing down cold. He is one of America’s leading pediatricians and child development experts, and she is a prominent children and environmental activist, producer and director, and the founder of several organizations like Healthy Child Healthy World. In 2001, they combined their baby knowledge to found Happiest Baby, a children's products site that features the SNOO bassinet.


  • Based on extensive pediatric knowledge and study
  • 5 levels of soothing sound + motion design
  • Adds 1-2 hours of sleep per night
  • Responds to crying, fussing, and unsafe sleep positions
  • Mobile app gives tips, settings, alerts, and daily sleep reports

The Science & The Soul

The Science

The SNOO bassinet uses special womb-imitation technology to give babies the ultimate comforting environment. Five levels of sound and motion assist in rocking babies to a natural, gentle sleep night after night, adding one to two hours of sleep. The advanced algorithms can even tell cries from room noise, and adjusts accordingly to calm them down.

The Soul

Happiest Baby’s mission has always been to enhance child well-being and educate new parents and parents-to-be. Parenting is no joke, and the stressors induced from this ultimate job have led to issues like marital conflict, breastfeeding failure, accidents, obesity, postpartum depression/anxiety, and more. The SNOO bassinet is just a tool, but it’s a very important one in the arsenal of any well-equipped mom or dad, helping thousands of people become better parents every day.