Girlfriend Collective

Eco-friendly activewear and essentials for bodies of all sizes.

About Girlfriend Collective

Finding quality activewear that’s both high-performing and thoughtfully designed can be challenging. A high-end fit often comes with a high-end price tag, and ethical, eco-friendly options normally lack the variety necessary to personalize your look and showcase your style. Girlfriend Collective has changed that – and our workouts and hangouts will never be the same.

Why We Love Them

With an exemplary commitment to transparency, Girlfriend Collective’s collection of tops, bottoms, outerwear, and everyday accessories – made largely from recycled water bottles (yes, you read that right) – isn’t just good for the planet, it’s good fashion. So, if saving the world in a killer, color-blocked, ethically-sourced sports ensemble sounds like your favorite way to break a sweat, then guess what, Girlfriend — welcome to the Collective!

Origin Story

Seattle-based Quang Dinh and his wife, Ellie, refused to compromise their values in the name of fashion. Instead, when they were unable to find a quality, trendy and ethically made activewear brand, they set out to create their own. Zero compromise. Zero time wasted. And, it turns out, as little actual waste as possible, too. Girlfriend Collective entered the scene in 2016 with an innovative, sleek legging made of recycled water bottles — and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, Girlfriend Collective is more than an activewear brand (with stylish, comfortable collection of products that extends well beyond leggings); it’s an admired, successful and dedicated collective of likeminded women doing good for the planet while feeling good in their clothes and building strength in themselves.


  • Comfort meets function meets style
  • Utmost dedication to using recycled fabrics in all of their designs, including post-consumer water bottles
  • 100% recycled and recyclable packaging
  • Commitment to transparency across their supply chain and manufacturing process
  • Every worker, regardless of location, is treated well and paid fairly
  • Referral and rewards program provides more perks the more you shop

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Recycled, post-consumer water bottles are at the heart of Girlfriend Collective’s manufacturing process. These bottles are washed, crushed, and superheated before being spun into plastic yarn, which is then knitted into the incredibly soft fabrics that distinguish Girlfriend Collective’s best-selling items. Through the brand’s polymerization processes (a fancy word for a bunch of science stuff that happens to create fabrics — we’ll save that for another article), Girlfriend Collective transforms what would otherwise clog landfills into quality, thoughtfully designed activewear.

In addition to recycled plastics, Girlfriend Collective also utilizes ECONYL® nylon fiber, made of recycled fishing nets and other recyclable waste, removing the need for crude oil and other raw materials used in regular nylon production. This practice helps preserve and protect the natural environment against oil spillage, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and diverts waste from landfills.

Thanks to its commitment to transparency and sustainability, Girlfriend Collective is not just an activewear brand, but a brand that’s taking action where it counts. The proof is in its impact. To date, Girlfriend Collective has recycled 7,189,943 plastic bottles, prevented 6,270,956 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere, and preserved 16,035,982 gallons of water.

The Soul

Girlfriend Collective was founded on the ideals of social and environmental responsibility, and its commitment to both doesn’t end with its product line. Beyond their conscious and innovative manufacturing process, Girlfriend Collective upholds the integrity of workers’ conditions and wages throughout their entire global supply chain.

In line with its focus on transparency, Girlfriend Collective makes everything about its business – from its complex manufacturing processes to employee benefits and compensation – open and readily available to the public. Its dedication to the greater good, our planet, and its people makes Girlfriend Collective far more than a brand and business. It’s a community — and one that we, too, are proud to be a part of.