Frances Austen

High-quality cashmere designed to last generations

About Frances Austen

What’s the opposite of fast fashion? Frances Austen. They create high-quality products out of eco-friendly cashmere. These products are made to last and be passed down from generation to generation.

Why We Love Them

Frances Austen makes beautiful handmade cashmere pieces that will last you a lifetime, or more if you pass it down to generations. Inspired by the founder’s own grandmother’s cashmere sweaters, Frances Austen’s high-quality products are timeless from both a style and quality point of view.

Origin Story

Margaret Coblentz left her career in fast fashion to focus on creating products that are meant to last. Inspired by the cashmere sweaters that her grandmother passed down with her, she built a relationship with Johnsons of Elgin, a eco-friendly cashmere manufacturer who creates products for some of the most well known fashion houses in the world. She worked with them to make a product that would usually be over $1000 and sell it for half the price.


  • Responsibly sourced and sustainably made cashmere
  • This high quality cashmere is breathable, fights piling, and gets softer over time
  • Yarn from Italy and made in Scotland

The Science & The Soul

The Science

These are some of the most sustainably created products in the world. No, really. Made out of ISO 14001 Certified yarn that is hand spun in Italy by Cariaggi, their yarn is powered by entirely renewable energy, the water gets cleaned and reused after dying, and all leftover fiber waste is made into new yarn. It is made out of the long fiber yarn, which means less piling that is cozy and breathable. Plus, if it ever is time to say goodbye to it, it is 100% biodegradable.

The Soul

There's no doubt about it, fast fashion is hurting our planet due to all the waste it produces. That's why it's important to know your products will last your lifetime, and even longer. Thanks to Frances Austen, you'll buy this sweater once and never need another one again. Unless it's a new color, that is. Now that we can support.