Sustainably made clothing inspired by laid-back beach vibes.

About Faherty

There are few brands as upbeat and dedicated to sun-soaked enthusiasm as Faherty. Talk about a one-stop shop; you can buy everything from shirts, to shoes, blankets, jewelry and so much more.

Why We Love Them

When you buy a Faherty piece, you belong to a community built by a brand that prioritizes using sustainable process and giving back. Faherty stands directly at the intersection of comfort and style, and we’d love to take you there.

Origin Story

Brothers Mike and Alex Faherty combined their knowledge of fashion and finance in a quest to create the perfect beach clothing. Having grown up by the ocean and never leaving, the Faherty brothers sought to bring that environment, one of meaningful experience, carefree fun, and comforting memory, to their business. Creating a fashion line was a lifelong dream for the Fahertys, and their board shorts and sandals quickly grew into every potential accessory and clothing item, from shirts to shoes to sweaters. The tide of customers came rushing in, and Faherty has grown into a well known brand that combines sustainable and high quality fabric with a coastal lifestyle. As they’ve grown as a brand, Faherty has focused on sustainability throughout their production lines and added give back programs so that they can be a leader in their community.


  • Stylish, comfortable clothing and accessories for men, women, and children
  • Strongly committed to helping the environment, including donating 1% of sales to the sustainable charities and partnering with brands committed to saving beaches
  • Family run, US based business

The Science & The Soul

The Science

The clothing of Faherty is designed for the utmost comfort, whether it’s for men, women, or children. For example, their dress Oxford shirt is manufactured with specially mélanged cotton-lyocell yarns, to create a shirt that’s breathable, stretchy, and perfectly fitting. You won’t need to pick quantity or quality, because Faherty has both: every piece of clothing and accessory you’ll ever need, made to the highest standards.

Faherty prioritizes sustainability throughout their manufacturing process, and looks to create styles that will last for years to come. They use ethically-sourced materials and recycled materials where possible, and they have eliminated harmful chemicals from their clothing. Always pushing themselves to be more sustainable, Faherty’s goal is to use 85% sustainable materials for both collections by the end of 2021.

The Soul

Faherty is much more than a clothing brand; it’s a community, built by people who love and care about the world they inhabit. The founders of Faherty have gone well out of their way to work toward sustainable materials and recyclable packaging. But the world is more than nature; it’s about the people who live there. Faherty’s Sun Sessions are regular events, organized to bring people together through concerts, workshops, dinners, and more.

Faherty works to support indigenous communities, partners with programs to help rehabilitated convicts, and numerous other non-profits like the Trevor Project and Audre Lorde Project, all bent toward making our world a better place for all to live. 10% of sales from Faherty’s Indigenous-inspired prints are donated to organizations supporting Native communities. By 2021, all Indigenous-inspired prints will be replaced by artwork from inspired Indigenous designers, like Doug Good Feather (Lakota) and Bethany Yellowtail (Crow/Cheyenne).