Silicone, suction-based dinner mats that make mealtime with your little ones less messy.

About EZPZ

Their smiley-faced mats and bowls stick to the table, ensuring that even the screamiest and red-faced of toddlers won’t be able to flip them over. Take that, babies!

Why We Love Them

Anyone with kids knows to fear mealtimes. You would be amazed at what a toddler can do with a bowl of broccoli. EZPZ is here to end our kitchen nightmares, preserving both our sanity and our tablecloths.

Origin Story

Lindsey Laurain and her husband were blessed with three wonderful boys all around the same age. Mealtimes, however, were less wonderful and more scraping tomato sauce out of the radiator. Eventually, Laurain taped her kids’ bowls to their placemats, so she wouldn’t have to tape their hands behind their backs. This proved to be a revelation and cut down dramatically on cleaning time. A natural progression followed to sticky mats and plastic utensils, and EZPZ was in business. Six years later, parents across the world are thanking EZPZ every time their little angels are unable to throw a bowl of soup across the kitchen. Product inventory has expanded to include three different age categories, and every piece of kitchenware ever needed. Mealtimes have never been EZPZ-er.


  • Cleverly made kitchenware helps make mealtimes fun for kids and parents
  • Cleanup is far easier thanks to the mat’s stable base
  • Products are divided into 4 months, 12 months, and 24 months, with special wares for each section
  • Helps to coax along childhood development, allowing toddlers to learn how to feed themselves

The Science & The Soul

The Science

With kids, it’s best to keep it simple, and EZPZ follows this creed well. Their mats and bowls use suction technology to remain firmly anchored to the table. Most use three compartments shaped like a happy face, to encourage a balanced meal. The EZPZ utensils encourage toddlers to learn how to feed themselves, speeding on child development past some of the most difficult stages. Nearly all products are made from silicone, safe for the microwave, oven (up to 350 degrees) and dishwasher.

The Soul

All jokes aside, children are a true blessing, and EZPZ knows that many of them don’t have the homes and resources they deserve. EZPZ has partnered with organizations like Wheelchairs 4 Kids and Foster Source, to help those less fortunate. Every child should have food to throw, and EZPZ is helping to make it happen.