Take your health into your own hands with easy to administer at-home lab kits that are FDA-approved.

About Everlywell

Everlywell is a state of the art health lab built just for you, with answers you can access without ever stepping foot into a doctor’s office. With dozens of tests that allow you to know exactly what’s going on with your body, you can know the best ways to get healthy and stay healthy.

Why We Love Them

What if you could see into your body? What if you could know, with pinpoint accuracy, what health problems affect your life, and how to prevent them? Well, we don’t have to ask “what if” anymore; the future is now.

Origin Story

Julia Cheek, alumna of Harvard Business School, saw a world where millions of Americans purposefully avoid lab testing, and suffer for it. High costs, fear of clinics, inconvenience, and other factors all contribute to this avoidance, and so Julia sought to develop a company that would eliminate every problem at once. Everlywell took off immediately, and was not only featured on Shark Tank but won the first runner-up prize at Harvard’s Alumni New Venture Competition. Using a scientific advisory board, numerous physicians and testing sites, Everlywell has been providing peace of mind and excellent health advice since its founding.


  • Clinical health testing from the comfort of home; no need to visit the hospital
  • Reliable, verified results that allow everyone to get proactive about their health
  • Testing for many different aspects of health, e.g. cholesterol, vitamins, food sensitivity
  • Allows for easy, at-home sample collection

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Everlywell uses simple specimen testing in order to advise its patients on everything from vitamin levels, to cholesterol readings, to disease results. After purchasing a test, customers receive a kit to (super easily) collect and send off blood samples or saliva swabs. The material is then analyzed at one of the many federally-certified labs in Everlywell’s network, and the results are returned in a matter of days. It’s affordable, convenient, and most of all extremely accurate.

The Soul

Despite the US running seven billion lab tests a year, and 70% of medical diagnoses relying on laboratory testing, millions of Americans refuse to engage in this level of  preventive and maintenance healthcare. Unknown costs, inconvenience, and fear of a clinical environment — while small hurdles for some — are the impediment to a life free of illness for a large portion of the greater community.

Everlywell is providing the means to cross this roadblock, giving everyone the opportunity to live happily and healthily, without the fear of what might be.

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