Premium-quality condoms and lube from a brand trying to elevate the condom-buying experience.

About Champ

Fooling around with a partner can be fun, but when it comes to having safe sex, fooling around with the right condom is less so. Champ is the modern-day sexual health company that creates top-of-the-line condoms and other sex-health products to maximize pleasure and safety.

Why We Love Them

Purchasing condoms can be quite uncomfortable, and thankfully Champ is saving us from the awkwardness by making sex health products that maximize safety and pleasure.

Origin Story

Why is that everyone has sex, yet purchasing sexual wellness products like condoms is so uncomfortable and awkward? The Champ Founders asked this same question and was fed up by the limited methods of purchasing condoms and other sexual wellness products. The Founders also weren’t too pleased with the current sexual health purchasing experience that included slapstick locker room humor, suggestive pictures and poor packaging. Their response was to create Champ, a sexual health and wellness brand where men can feel good and not embarrassed about buying high-quality condoms and more.


  • Sells condoms and sexual health products
  • Free of BPA, casein, gluten, glycerin, paraben, and spermicide
  • Condoms are FDA 510(k) cleared
  • Delivered to your door in discreet packaging

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Champ’s condoms are top-quality and come in two styles: ultra-thin and ribbed. Each box comes with 12 condoms but comes in discreet packaging guaranteeing an awkward-free experience from start-to-finish ;). 

Champ also offers water-based and silicone-based lube to make sure every position feels good, and when it comes to cleaning up, Champ ultra-soft, aloe-vera cleansing wipes are a no-brainer. 

The Soul

Buying condoms can be an uncomfortable experinece for many, and Champ wants to change that so you can still prioritize your sex life without feeling embarassed or uncomfortable.