Non-toxic, ceramic cookware that makes your kitchen Pinterest-worthy.

About Caraway

When we grab that “non-stick” pan at SuperTargetMart, we’re really giving chemicals with long, scary names like polytetrafluoroethylene a free invitation to stay in our bodies forever. Fortunately, there’s an antidote: Caraway cookware. Caraway makes their expertly designed products from pure ceramic, ensuring top quality without harmful chemicals getting in the way.

Why We Love Them

Origin Story

Caraway’s co-founder Jordan Nathan conceived the idea for Caraway after a Teflon-fueled cooking session left his apartment in fumes. One research montage later, he discovered that Teflon, in about 95% of non-stick cookware, is extremely harmful to breathe. Oops. Nathan decided to make it his mission to give people a better option. He raised over five million dollars in funding, and Caraway ceramics was born. Their initial success was no flash in the pan; during the last few months, people have been cooking more and more, and Caraway has grown 390%.


  • Excellently-designed, ceramic cookware free of any toxins or chemicals
  • Ceramic cookware helps the environment by releasing far less carbon dioxide
  • All products are extremely easy to store and clean
  • Less oil and butter required; naturally non-stick

The Science & The Soul

The Science

All of Caraway’s inventory is made from aluminum and coated with ceramic, created from a natural inorganic sand that releases 60% less CO2 when produced than regular cookware. Ceramic is naturally non-stick, so you can make a proper omelet without worrying about the chemicals being released.

The Soul

Caraway is helping not just the cooks of the world, but the environment as well. Ceramic coating releases far less CO2 than ordinary cookware, and the atmosphere is not damaged by toxic fumes. Caraway also deliberately ships in recycled cardboard, never using plastic or Styrofoam. Finally, they support their manufacturers, ensuring safe employees, fair wages, and decent working conditions.

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