BURST Oral Care

The electric toothbrush that’s shaking up your at-home dental care routine.

About BURST Oral Care

The BURST Sonic Toothbrush transforms a daily chore into an exciting act of dental justice. Built to buck the status-quo of boring, unaffordable oral hygiene products and provide the highest possible quality of at-home dental care, BURST is a market leader that should not be brushed aside.

Why We Love Them

Let’s face it, unless it’s your job, oral care isn’t very exciting. Most people dread going to the dentist, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a scenario where discussing the latest trending toothpastes or your favorite dental floss is part of the day-to-day conversation (unless, of course, you’re hanging out with The Fascination Team — where floss-talk is always on the agenda). BURST is a brand that’s changing all of that by putting the extra in extraoral dental care.

Origin Story

In 2017, Hamish Khayat and Brittany Stewart decided to take on the traditional giants of the dental hygiene industry by introducing a stylish, engaging, and cool new way to brush teeth. Thanks to their conviction and commitment to developing an electric toothbrush that’s just as effective at brightening smiles as it is at shaking up the status quo, the BURST Sonic Toothbrush was born. In fact, it persevered where other electric toothbrushes failed. Today, BURST is one of the best, most trend-worthy, and most stylish electric toothbrushes available on the market.


  • Delivers an effortless, sparkling clean that feels great and lasts
  • Quality oral care products that go beyond teeth-brushing
  • Beautiful, seamless design makes the experience fun and easy
  • Long-lasting lithium battery
  • Backed by dental professionals
  • Clinically proven to remove up to 10x more plaque than a regular toothbrush

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Making dental care interesting isn’t exactly easy, but the science behind the BURST toothbrush is truly fascinating. With plaque-busting charcoal-infused bristles; massage, sensitivity-safe, and whitening settings; and a battery that lasts up to four weeks on a single charge, BURST has tooth-brushing down to a science.

Throw in the built-in two-minute timer, quad-interval alert technology, and compact, sink-friendly charging dock, and you’ve got everything you need to treat yourself (and your teeth) to a true, feel-good clean. And if the brand’s multiple corny videos don’t convince you, the informative, positive endorsements from BURST’s extensive network of dentists, dental hygienists, and other dental professionals should do the trick.

The Soul

Poor oral hygiene is a global reality, with 26 percent of adults suffering from untreated tooth decay (yes, sadly, we’re serious). This can lead to a myriad of health problems, including gingivitis, gum disease, oral cancers, and other chronic diseases – not to mention the impact on smiles, confidence, and social interactions. But BURST is fighting back. Their signature brush is designed specifically to tackle your teeth’s biggest opponents. BURST also continues to expand its collection of effective, thoughtfully designed at-home dental care products with flosses, whitening strips, and even oral probiotics.

BURST is committed to making dental care accessible to and enjoyable for everyone, while also serving as an educational resource and advocate for dental health. The brand gives customers something to smile about – and is dedicated to helping keep those smiles bright.

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