Luxury bedding and bath essentials made from premium natural materials that feel great against your skin.

About Brooklinen

Originally launching with their sheets, which have since been dubbed “the internet’s favorite sheets”, Brooklinen is making it easier for people to outfit their homes with luxury, soft, and long-lasting stylish products at a fraction of the price. Through its DTC model and efficient supply chain, Brooklinen dramatically reduces costs for their collections across sheets, pillows, comforters, blankets, duvets, towels, children’s linens, candles, and loungewear.

Why We Love Them

Brooklinen is transparent as to how they make their sheets, why they construct them in certain ways, and where they source all the materials from. One thing’s for sure, when you shop at Brooklinen, you’ll get your money’s worth. You can sleep easy knowing you’re not getting ripped off; you’re paying only for quality and nothing else.

Origin Story

Husband and wife team Vicki and Rich Fulop experienced the joy of luxurious sheets after a stay in a Las Vegas hotel. Upon returning home, they set out to buy soft, amazing sheets but were appalled to discover the $800 price point for sheets at this quality. This set them on the path to uncover inefficiencies in the sheet industry through un-necessary middlemen. They decided to create and offer sheets that were just as luxurious but cost a fraction of the price by selling directly to consumers. To get their product into the hands of consumers, Vicki and Rich started a Kickstarter for their product and vision with the goal of raising $50K. Instead, they raised close to $250K, and knew they were onto something.
As Brooklinen’s luxurious, soft sheets became staples in thousands of households and were dubbed the internet’s favorite sheets, they started to expand into other bedding products like duvets and pillows, bathroom linens like towels and robes, kids bedding, and loungewear for men and women. As they’ve expanded their offerings, their quality, experience, service, and efficient supply chains remain strong, ensuring that customers will get the best, long-lasting luxury products available without paying unnecessary fees.


  • Comfortable, stylish, high-quality linens for the bedroom, bathroom, and home as well as loungewear
  • Cuts out the middlemen and any unnecessary fees to offer the luxury products at a fraction of the price
  • Their luxury bed sheets (which they are famous for) are made with 100% cotton and offer a 365 Day Warranty
  • Website explains how and why they make each product so you feel comfortable in your purchasing decision
  • Partners with Good360 to donate returned products to those who need it the most

The Science & The Soul

The Science

To produce the best quality sheets, Brooklinen uses only long-staple cotton, which produces the longest, strongest and finest cotton fibers in the world. This means it can be spun into stronger, finer single-ply yarn to create very smooth and flexible weaves that hold up over time and stay light. They have created their entire manufacturing process to ensure you get the softest and longest-lasting sheets available. Their towels, which are made out of Turkish cotton, are also crafted from single-ply yarn to ensure they are soft, long-lasting, and stand up to piling.

The Soul

Brooklinen has four core values: Amazing Product, Better Experience, Personal Touch, and Efficient Supply Chain. As they’ve grown, they’ve made sure that these values are strongly embedded into everything they do. You know when you buy from Brooklinen, you are going to get a great product and great service, no matter what.

Brooklinen truly cares about its impact on the lives of its customers — which extends to how its business can impact the world. Since its founding, Brooklinen has partnered with Good360, a leader in product philanthropy, who provides companies with socially responsible ways to donate products. When customers return unwashed and unused items as part of Brooklinen’s 365 day warranty program and it meets Brooklinen’s quality control list, Acacia Network Housing will pick up the products and deliver it to individuals and families in need in the New York area.

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