Do good things for the planet and for your home with these eco-friendly, sleek LED lamps.

About Brightech

Let there be lights! But not just any lights, Brightech lights. Brightech provides the highest quality, designer LED lamps for your lighting needs at shockingly affordable prices. These lamps are a light shining in the darkness; no headaches from incandescent glare, no high energy use, just clean, efficient, beautiful illumination. Whether you’re looking for a new addition to elevate your living room design or outfitting your backyard for BBQs, Brightech has the light for you.

Why We Love Them

Every single product from Brightech is easily assembled, and they look as great as they work.

Origin Story

Founded as a family business in the land of light, Los Angeles, Brightech sought to offer designer lamps at affordable prices. Their mission was to enlighten the world, with the thought that great lighting should not be restricted to a select few. The glow spread, and soon Brightech could be found in Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, and Jet. Part of what makes them such a bright company is their constant innovation and reception to customer feedback, seen by their solar-powered string lights and compatibility to smart homes. Brightech has served over 1M customers to date, offering them all designer quality lights for their spaces with no high markup.


  • Designer-quality indoor and outdoor lighting at accessible and competitive prices
  • Product selection features lights all shapes and sizes to fit your design needs
  • USB and wireless charging ports on several lamps
  • Helping provide electricity to those living without

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Incandescent bulbs are a drain both on the eyes and the environment. That’s why Brightech uses only energy-efficient LED blubs that last over 20 years in every one of their lights. Their three primary categories are the indoor floor lamps, the outdoor plug-in string lights, and the outdoor solar powered string lights. The latter actually activate automatically at dusk, so you won’t even have to flip a switch.

The Soul

Brightech was founded to bring more light to world. Over a billion people on Earth live without electricity, in total darkness when the sun goes down. Brightech has partnered with non-profit organizations like Watts of Love to help fix this problem, donating money and solar lamps to share their light with the world. Moreover, the lights sold by Brightech are a consistent benefit to the environment, saving energy and lasting far longer than incandescent bulbs and reducing waste. Brightech is the bright choice and the right choice.

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