Cleaner, greener, curated paint shades and supplies delivered to your door.

About Backdrop

Whether it’s your first home, or your next rental, Backdrop is here to help you personalize your space by making it easy and convenient to shop housepaint (interior and exterior) online. Featuring a curated color collection and high quality supplies, Backdrop goes the extra mile (with a great photo gallery and the biggest swatches we’ve ever seen) to make sure their customers find the perfect color choice.

Why We Love Them

Backdrop’s range of interior and exterior paint types includes primer, standard finish, and semi-gloss finish; and each option is accompanied by a neat description to help customers understand the color tone the specific color-and-finish combination will create.

Origin Story

Co-founders Natalie and Caleb had always applied a new lick of paint wherever they lived, and had experienced the “painful process at the hardware store.” Natalie was particularly aware of the problems since her father had been the neighborhood go-to handyman, and had personally painted over 100 homes (Natalie inherited this passion and reckons she repainted her room at least 10 times before she was 18). The moment of maximum frustration was the endless messy sampling she was forced to endure to paint her baby daughter’s nursery, and the additional pain of carrying multiple cans by nasty wire handles. For Backdrop, Natalie and Caleb curated just over 50 colors which they adored, and knew would suit almost every situation. As Natalie says, “We want our customers to not only paint their walls but create the backdrop for their lives, so each name was chosen to evoke an emotional connection.”


  • Vast palette of interior and exterior paint colors
  • All paints are greenwise certified, low-VOC, ultra-low odor
  • 12” x 12” adhesive swatches to make sure you’ve made the perfect choice
  • One-stop-shop for supplies including painter’s shirts, rollers and essentials kit

The Science & The Soul

The Science

All Backdrop paints are Greenwise certified, and in pots that cover around 400 sq. ft. Standard finish paint is made with an acrylic resin for maximum durability and has been created for self-priming, easy application, low odor, high pigmentation, quick drying (60 minutes to touch) and superb coverage. Plus being straightforward to wash. And for anyone unsure about exactly how to go about the task, Backdrop provides a neat manual – packed with tricks for every stage: planning, prepping, painting, finishing and much more besides.

The Soul

Backdrop colors tell stories. That’s probably not surprising, given Natalie’s background with Simon & Schuster, Chronicle Books and Time Inc! Their earthy pink isn’t called earthy pink: it’s called ’36 hours in Marrakesh’. Their light yellow is named ‘Disco Nap’. And their rich red is ‘Lipstick on a Mirror’. Backdrop’s colors transform rooms from places we happen to inhabit into places where we love to live our lives — in all their chaotic glory.

And one other point: Backdrop’s founders recognize that having a well-painted home is, for many people, an impossible dream. That’s why the company partners with the International Rescue Committee, helping those whose lives have been ripped apart by conflict or natural disaster.