Andie Swim

Women's swimwear designed to look, fit, and feel great on any body.

About Andie Swim

For many women, going to the beach or the pool can be an embarrassing, uncomfortable experience instead of a fun one. Andie Swim knows all too well that the swimsuits available today are far too limiting. Instead of keeping with the status quo, they have developed comfortable, fashionable bathing suits for any style and any body.

Why We Love Them

For many women, going to the beach or the pool can be a stressful, uncomfortable experience instead of a fun one. Andie designs comfortable and fashionable swimwear for every occasion and style.

Origin Story

In 2016, Andie’s founder, Melanie Travis, had reached her limit with the amount of male-owned swimsuit companies failing to meet the needs of modern women. With her wife’s support, she quit her day job and took to designing comfortable and fashionable one-piece bathing suits for every occasion and style. One outpouring of public support (and much trial-and-error) later, Andie Swim has become one of Instagram’s favorite swimwear brands, attracting celebrities like Demi Moore as investors. Travis had originally sought to break the forced bikini standard, and has since expanded her collection to contain one-piece, two-piece, maternity, and kids’ suits. Regardless of your body type or your style preference, Andie Swim has the suit for you.


  • Swimsuits that look good, feel great, and fit well on any body — not just on models
  • Plenty of options for every style; it’s not all about bikinis
  • Fit Finder, a quiz that helps narrow down your style and preferences
  • Unlimited trials for as many suits as you’d like, with free returns within 21 days
  • Made and owned by women, for women

The Science & The Soul

The Science

In order to narrow down the proper swimsuit, Andie Swim has developed their Fit Quiz: “Twelve questions to find the perfect Andie for you.” The quiz considers one’s measurements, but also their preferences, what they like about their body and dislike about their swimsuit. The unique software helps to find out which of Andie’s many styles is most appropriate. When it comes time to order, you’re not expected to buy it and be stuck if it doesn’t work out. Andie Swim allows up to twenty-one days to return or exchange, free of charge, no matter how many suits you’ve ordered. The suits are all made from a nylon-spandex blend that finds a perfect balance between comfort, support, and style.

The Soul

It’s a consideration generally only applied to women, but wearing a swimsuit can easily make a person feel vulnerable. No one should be forced to feel uncomfortable when they should be having fun, and Andie Swim has remedied this condition for thousands. Additionally, Andie has partnered with SHARE, a national breast and ovarian cancer non-profit, and has been donating ten percent of proceeds toward resources for women in need.