American Giant

Super comfy, American-made apparel designed to last a lifetime.

About American Giant

If you’re into flashy brands that charge tons of money for clothing that falls apart after a season, this brand might not be for you. On the other hand, if you like accessible, comfortable, top-quality clothes made in America and crafted to last, well, it's time you met American Giant.

Why We Love Them

In an industry overrun by outsourcing, underpaid workers and overpriced materials, American Giant is a breath of fresh air — and iconic, handcrafted, homegrown style.

Origin Story

Bayard Winthrop reached his breaking point in 2012. He saw American manufacturing becoming a relic, millions of jobs outsourced daily, real quality disregarded in favor of profits…the list, sadly, goes on. Winthrop gave his response with a single, powerful message in the form of a hoodie. A hoodie, made in America, made to last, made for the average person to wear day after day. America received it with roaring approval, and from there, American Giant grew to…monumental proportions.


The Science & The Soul

The Science

American Giant relies on simple, organic materials to craft their accessories and apparel. Starting with 100% natural cotton, the fiber is spun into yarn in the Carolinas before being dyed, cut, and sewn. All this is done by hardworking, expert artisans — right in America’s backyard. No sweatshops needed for this sweatshirt, just old-fashioned, top-quality care and craftsmanship.

The Soul

American Giant is pushing back against the profit-driven, fast-fashion and textiles industry, and they’ve proven that you can do just as well when you pay workers a decent wage and create products that last. Small communities in America’s heartland are being reinvigorated by this one brand, and while it’s a huge task to take on the fashion industry as a whole, this brand has the strength of a giant and a spirit that's undeniabley human.