Plant-based protein powders and snacks made to keep you feeling great.


As one of the best options for protein bars, drinks, and powders available on the market, ALOHA delivers great-tasting, protein-based snacks with strict dedication to organic, all-natural nutrition and healthy ingredients. This brand is all about tastier, perfectly textured protein snacks — serving up a fresh, flavorful solution to the chalky, preservative-rich, crave-inducing, cardboard-like fare of the status quo. Say ALOHA to nutrition without compromise, and treat yourself to a healthy snack — without sacrificing any of the good stuff.

Why We Love Them

When it comes to health foods, especially protein-based snacks and meal replacements, maintaining a good nutrition generally means most options are just going to taste…well…gross. Thankfully, ALOHA is giving the world something different — something better — something really, really good.

Origin Story

ALOHA was founded in 2014, out of a desire to have people live happier, healthier lives. The founders saw that the options at the time may have been healthy, but eating them certainly did not make people any happier. A community with like-minded values developed around the fledgling brand, and word of mouth spread like imitation butter on toast. The care and quality of taste that goes into every bar, shake, and powder has quickly given ALOHA its deserved place at the top of the food pyramid.


  • Great tasting, nutritional products
  • All-natural, certified organic ingredients
  • Strictly non-GMO
  • Sustainably-sourced ingredients
  • Good-Manufacturing-Practice certified partnerships

The Science & The Soul

The Science

While many so-called “health food brands” advertise in a similar vein as ALOHA, the difference is apparent when looking at their contents. Instead of loading up on sugar and harmful chemicals, ALOHA makes their products from completely natural, non-GMO, organic ingredients. Cane sugar instead of corn syrup, natural rice protein instead of a chemical blend; the list goes on and on. Additionally, Aloha manages to make their products all-naturally without sacrificing either cost or flavor.

The Soul

The founders of ALOHA were always focused far more on generating joy and supporting good health than profit margins. Hand-in-hand with this way of thinking are the ethics behind the product. All ALOHA products are completely vegan, and the vast majority of ingredients are sourced from organic US farms certified for Good Manufacturing Practice. The spirit of ALOHA is evident in all aspects of their business, and we are truly fortunate to join them in their mission. Simply put, you won’t find this brand cutting any corners — ALOHA products are top-quality snacks.

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