A compact way to grow plants like a pro — indoors.

About Aerogarden

Anyone who’s grown a garden (and really, even those who haven’t) knows how arduous the process can be. While fresh fruits, herbs, and veggies and beautiful flowers are a wonderful reward, they are not guaranteed, and oftentimes you can spend an entire season in the soil with nothing to show for your hard work but dirt and sweat. AeroGarden has perfected indoor gardening, providing a compact and convenient way to grow plants with confidence. Whether you want to have tomatoes in the winter, apples in the spring, or flowers for any and every season, just add water and watch your AeroGarden grow!

Why We Love Them

AeroGarden’s indoor gardening systems have space for up to 24 seed pods, as well as LED lights that give provide plants with the essential spectrum of sunlight necessary for growth. There’s no green thumbs, seasonality, or soil required here to build a beautiful garden.

Origin Story

Michael Bissonnette had a vision, a vision of herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers growing tall and free in living rooms, regardless of the time of year or gardening skill. To make this vision a reality, Bissonnette and his team invested in aeroponics, a developing gardening technology that allows plants to grow in water, nutrients, and air, but no soil. AeroGarden grew as quickly as their veggies do and began expanding into bigger and better garden sets.


  • Highly efficient gardening system with a convenient design you can use anywhere
  • Plants grow up to five times faster than in a traditional, outdoor garden
  • Guarantee that seeds will germinate
  • Allows for growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables all year long
  • Only external requirements are water and plant food (included)

The Science & The Soul

The Science

The key to AeroGarden’s success is in the name — it’s aeroponic technology. Conversely to hydroponics, which generally relies on the traditional method of rooting plants in mineral-rich soil and water, aeroponics stimulates growth using the air and water vapor. The roots of the plants remain exposed and are misted with a nutrient-filled water mixture to promote growth. Aeroponic technology means that the plants don’t compete for nutrients, allowing each to grow separately but extremely quickly- up to five times as quickly as traditional gardening!

The Soul

Gardening can be a wonderful hobby. Not only does it provide healthy, fresh produce and herbs at a much more affordable cost, but it has proven positive effects on mental health. Unfortunately, many people simply don’t have the hours or the space to effectively grow a beautiful garden, and even the most vigilant gardeners can’t compete with nature when winter comes. AeroGarden eliminates all of these hurdles, allowing anyone to build a garden of their own, regardless of time, space, or temperature.

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