Adore Adorn

Precious gem jewelry, handcrafted with a lot of love.

About Adore Adorn

Offering unique hand-crafted designs that explore the past, present, and future, Adore Adorn sells statement jewelry that connects what we wear on the outside to our emotions and how we feel on the inside. Constructed in New York City out of sustainable metals and gemstones, Adore Adorn’s pieces memorialize moments in the designer’s life. Made to be passed down between generations, Adore Adorn’s designs are perfect to wear yourself or give to a friend or family member to enjoy for years to come.

Why We Love Them

Sustainability plays a large role in Adore Adorn’s mission and how each piece is designed and constructed. All of Adore Adorn’s jewelry is handmade and produced in small batches to ensure they are intentional in the materials they take from Earth. Whenever possible, they source vintage or landfill-bound materials, and all gemstones are sustainably sourced and lab-grown. All products are created in accordance with fair labor standards.

Origin Story

“That feeling of being an ‘other’ or an outsider has never escaped me. It, in fact, molded me and shaped me into the person that was unapologetically me.”
Growing up in a family of artists and as the daughter of a jewelry store owner, Sasha Flynn created Adore Adorn based on her memories and family stories. Sasha appreciates the stories that statement jewelry designs can tell, and the impact they can have not just on changing your outward appearance, but also on how they help you heal. With a fondness for gemstones and a focus on sustainability, Sasha created Adore Adorn to use jewelry to explore the past, heal, and manifest. Every design that Sasha creates is inspired by a unique memory or story, and she encourages you to add your own story to the piece based on how you wear it or who you give it to.


  • Intentional, unique jewelry designs based on family memories
  • Heirloom-quality, beautiful pieces
  • Sustainably sourced metals and gemstones
  • Donates 15% of sales to help disenfranchised communities

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Adore Adorn’s one-of-a-kind designs are made out of high-quality materials like 14K gold, white rhodium, gold vermeil, 14K Rose Gold Plated, 925 Silver and more. Those with allergies to certain metals and materials can explore their website to learn about how each piece is made and what is inside of it to ensure you are wearing the metal that is best for you. All stones are hand-picked to guarantee the highest quality, and every design that features gemstones use the highest quality natural and precious stones.

The Soul

Adore Adorn’s core belief is that you can use jewelry to connect, heal and show all emotions that are inside of you. With every piece you purchase, it is clear that you purchase a product with a story that you can make your own. Adore Adorn’s Heart Movement Kit specifically allows you to give yourself or others unique jewelry with intention.

Since the Black Lives Matter protests in June 2020, Adore Adorn has made the 15/15/15 pledge. 15% of profits are donated to programs that directly fund and support healing opportunities for people in need across the country. These include, Campaign Zero’s 8 Can’t Wait project, Support for Single Moms via Tender, and Mental Health programs for minority youth. The second 15%, is encouraging their consumers to put 15% of their spending towards black owned businesses.