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Top-quality leather goods made for the Modern Man
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Why We Love Moral Code

During lockdown, we forgot the importance of kick ass shoes. That’s because all our work meetings and social gatherings were via zoom, meaning we didn’t pay too much attention to anything below the camera line (everyone on our team is guilty of the business up-top, pajamas on the bottom trend).

As the world returns to normal, it’s time to refresh the shoe rack. Whether it’s dress shoes (“to dress up every occasion”), casual shoes (“that look and feel the part”) or boots (“equal parts casual and classy”), these are products to sweep you off your feet. The company’s bestseller is The Holden, which combines a premium calfskin leather upper with a comfortable padded tongue, and comes available in black, cognac and coffee. According to Moral Code, this is a shoe that’s perfect for ‘climbing the corporate ladder and stepping down from the barstool’, so check back in a couple of years, and if I’ve made CEO you’ll know that’s a promise fulfilled. And in case you think the founders put their feet up after their footwear range was complete – fear not.

If it can be made from leather, you’re likely to find it on Moral Code. Belts, wallets, coasters, coin cases, bags, envelopes (the last one is the brand name for their travel organizer; we wouldn’t actually recommend spending $55 on something you’re going to drop in the mailbox!).

The TL; DR

  • Leather footwear and accessories designed for men
  • Online exclusivity means outrageously good prices
  • Stylish design whilst retaining maximum comfort
  • Free shipping
  • No hassle 60-day returns

The Moral Code Origin Story

Est. 2017

Co-founders Mark Kohlenberg and Laura Engerman were industry veterans.  But it had always frustrated them that luxury had become a luxury. Their goal was to give anyone entering the workforce for the first time on a tight budget the chance to look as dapper as their bosses. They also figured the shoe shopping experience can be a real handful.

Launched in 2017, Moral Code has earned rave reviews in GQ, esquire, Global Traveler and elsewhere.  The shoes are also adored by legendary NFL wide receiver Donald Driver.

The Science of Moral Code

Moral Code is on a mission to reclaim the essence of quality control – obsessive knowledge of one’s entire supply chain so that the final product delights customers.  Before an artisan-crafted shoe can land in your hands (or on your feet), there’s complex production to be managed, involving components of many shapes and sizes (shoes laces don’t grow on trees).  Moral Code recognizes that, if just one of the heelcap, eyelets, lining, welts, throatlines, topline, tongue, lace guards (etc) fail, the shoe is defunct and the customer won’t return.  That’s why company experts are all over every stage.

The Soul of Moral Code

We can’t believe we’ve been asked to write a paragraph entitled The Soul of Moral Code. Every brand selected by The Fascination has an appealing soul – it’s one of the factors we scrutinize carefully. But not many attach their amazing soles to every product they ship!

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