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Better shoes in a better way, made naturally and designed practically for the to and fro of life
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Why We Love Allbirds

Both your feet and the environment are about to thank you — big time. Meet Allbirds, the new, timelessly trendy shoe brand that’s bringing sexy back to sustainable footwear. This brand is setting new standards for corporate eco-consciousness through its innovative use of natural materials to create a premium-quality, comfortable, stylish, and durable new design. The product? A sneaker — or boat shoe, ballet flat, high top, or slip-on — that flexibly conforms to your foot and adapts with your movement, providing resilient support while remaining light, breathable, and effortlessly cool.

In other words, Allbirds is one brand you can’t walk away from.

The TL; DR

  • Made from nature, for nature (FSC Certified)
  • Transparency into sustainability efforts (reports both company-wide and per-product carbon emissions)
  • Responsibly-sourced
  • Soles4Souls shoe donation and repurposing partnership
  • Stylish, comfortable and supportive design
  • Innovative, eco-friendly materials made to last
  • Thoughtfully-designed
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The Allbirds Origin Story

Est. 2014

Though its strong dedication to environmental protection makes it something of a black sheep among the fashion industry’s many other, less-sustainable brands, Allbirds found its inspiration among the flock. As a native of New Zealand, company co-founder Tim Brown was very familiar with the amazing breathable, temperature-regulating, ultra-soft, and moisture-wicking properties of merino wool, a material otherwise absent from the footwear industry.

After joining forces with engineer and renewable resources expert Joey Zwillinger, the two developed a revolutionary wool fabric perfect for long-lasting, life-proof, comfortable, protective footwear. The foundational success of this versatile, natural material inspired the brand’s continued exploration of new, innovative ways to incorporate natural products into each element of their design. Now, not only is Allbirds is known for creating the most comfortable pair of shoes on the market, they’ve secured their position as one of the most environmentally-friendly brands on the planet, period.

The Science of Allbirds

In addition to being a naturally-sourced fiber, Merino sheep wool boasts an impressive list of inherent benefits and qualities that make it a fantastic candidate for high-functioning footwear. One-fifth the diameter of a human hair, Merino wool fibers are soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, and temperature-regulating. Surprisingly, before Allbirds made its market debut, Merino wool was virtually absent from the footwear playing field.

So, when Allbirds introduced their signature Trino™ knit; a hybrid material made from soft, breathable, moisture-wicking Merino wool and strong, durable, natural eucalyptus fiber, the brand’s innovative, thoughtful design showcased the incredible potential of environmentally-responsible fashion, and created an entirely new category of footwear. Allbirds’ naturally-sourced, sustainable shoe became a league of its own.

The brand’s devotion to natural materials goes beyond wool and trees, however. Each pair of shoelaces is made from one recycled bottle, and castor bean oil helps increase the natural content of the insoles.

From the brand’s recycled packaging, to its sugarcane-based, self-contouring, supportive SweetFoam™ outsoles, to the organic eyelets formed by the biochemistry of sugar-eating microorganisms, Allbirds’ shoes are second to none when it comes to providing a top-quality product and protecting the planet.

The results of Allbirds’ efforts speak for themselves: while a regular pair of sneakers lets off 12.5kg of carbon emissions, a pair of Allbirds emits only 7.6.

The Soul of Allbirds

As a certified B Corp, Allbirds is officially recognized for and credited with making the world a better place to live — for all that live here. With its ongoing initiative to continually reduce carbon emissions and considered use of sustainable, natural, and recycled materials, Allbirds is doing its part to combat climate change, encourage the responsible use of renewable resources, and fight global warming.

Additionally, Allbirds has partnered with Soles4Souls, a non-profit that sends lightly-used shoes to those most in need. Their shoes have truly made an impact on the world — strengthening the earth by softening the steps of the millions that walk upon it.

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