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Ring Bear Review: Inexpensive Men's Wedding Rings That Are Worth It

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Reviewed by Nathaniel Lang

Last Updated February 2022

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Ring Bear offers wedding bands for men, along with a variety of engagement and groomsmen gifts. Use Ring Bear’s unique “Try Before You Buy” program to take the guesswork out of finding your preferred size.

Ring Bear’s men’s wedding bands are designed, as their website says, “For Him, For the Planet And Forever.”

Featured Product: Flat Gold Band

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Price: Starting at $325.00

The Flat Gold Band is a classic design that comes with either a polished or a matte finish. You can choose yellow or white gold in 10K ($425), 14K ($599), or 18K ($849). It also comes in platinum ($949). The band widths range from 3mm to 6mm, with the mid-range 4.5mm being one of Ring Bear’s best sellers.

Like all their bands, the Flat Gold comes with a superior Comfort Fit design, is made from recycled precious metal, and Ring Bear will plant a new tree for each purchase made.

Ratings Breakdown


Ring Bear’s recycled precious metals look and feels just like any metal. Ring Bear focuses on offering high quality and comfort in a variety of style options.


I’m seeing gold rings at my local jeweler at a price of $600 - $1400 so in comparison, these rings come in at a great value, ranging on average from $350 - $1000. Compared to some other online-only retailers, however, these are pretty standard prices. The Try Before You Buy program sets the Ring Bear value apart, as well as free shipping/resizing/personalization.


The Flat 14K Gold Band is a comfortable ring that looks great on my finger. I love knowing that the gold is sustainably-sourced.


Ring Bear reduces the environmental impact of the jewelry industry by using recycled materials and working to be carbon-neutral. This, combined with an active mission to plant more trees, is building a great brand for this relatively new family-owned business.

Who is Ring Bear?

Founded in 2020 by jeweler (and former childhood ring bearer) David Schoenfeld, Ring Bear is a private startup committed to creating reasonably-priced and ethically-manufactured products related to the male side of the wedding world. Schoenfeld’s approach is simple—treat people well and meet customers’ needs.

Ring Bear’s signature products are its carbon-neutral men’s wedding bands. As their customers plan their futures, the company’s mission is to make those futures greener as a certified Carbonfree® partner.

Ring Bear Brand Story

The primary way Ring Bear does this is by using recycled metals, while reducing or eliminating non-biodegradable elements from production and packaging materials. By using recycled precious metals, Ring bear avoids most of the energy and water use as well as reducing emissions created to traditionally mine gold.

The recycled gold and platinum used by Ring Bear has already been mined, so their production processes use only “3% of the energy, 1% of the water and emit 1% of the CO2 traditionally required to mine gold.”

Ring Bear also reduces its carbon footprint and works to slow climate change by supporting reforestation. In researching how to best make a long-term impact, the company settled on planting trees. Each Ring Bear purchase means a new tree planted through their sustainability program to:
- Improve air quality
-  Conserve water
- Support biodiversity
- Cool the climate
- Reduce the loss and impact of increasing forest fires


  • Rings were comfortable to wear and felt lightweight on my hand
  • “Try Before You Buy” program allows you to test out either 3, 4, or 5 rings
  • Free personalization and shipping on all men’s rings within the United States/Canada
  • Rings made from ethically sourced recycled gold and platinum
  • Box comes with a ring sizing tool and a pen and notepad for writing vows
  • Free resizing services for life, should your finger change size
  • Surprisingly informative website offering information on everything from male wedding attire to proposal tips


  • None–The biggest difficulty in purchasing rings is getting the right size and style, and the “Try Before You Buy” program eliminates that concern

My Ring Bear Experience

I found the Ring Bear band to be very comfortable. All of their bands come with a custom Comfort Fit which keeps skin from getting pinched. I tested the Yellow Gold 4.5 mm ring with a flat (rather than the curved) band in a matte finish. I wore it for a few weeks, and was impressed with the feel and the look of it.

Wearing Ring Bear

Given how basic men’s accessories can often seem and the lack of options we often run into, I really appreciate the different styles available. You have a range here, from flat band or classically curved band styles.

Best sellers include designs with:
- Milgrain edge
- Beveled edge
- Striped band
-  Mixed metal braided band
- Unique wood/metal combination

The average cost depends primarily on the metal. An average tungsten band will run $200-$300 while high-end platinum ranges from $1000-$1200. For the middle of the road options, try one of the many gold options between $350-1,000 depending on the carat.

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Buying Ring Bear’s Men’s Wedding Bands

When should we start looking for his wedding band?

The wide world of wedding planning can be overwhelming. In the engagement ring-and-dress-and-flower-and-centerpiece frenzy, the groom and his ring might slip through the cracks. Ring Bear helps with that by focusing on men’s wedding bands as well as engagement and groomsmen’s gifts to simplify your shopping.

Rings for men can be tricky, especially if the man in question is not used to a ring or maybe just isn’t sure of his style yet. So try not to rush this important decision. Founder David Schoenfeld recommends leaving plenty of time, at least three to six months, to really learn the groom’s preferences and to make sure the wedding band is a good fit.

Ring Bear Fit and Comfort

Consider buying the groom’s ring one or two months before the wedding in case you need time for it to be resized. Ring Bear offers free lifetime resizing, but you don't want to be dealing with that the week before a wedding.

Each product page lists the amount of time to leave for your ring to be created for you. Average time estimates are 2 weeks for gold/platinum, and 1 week for most others.

Shopping for men’s wedding rings at Ring Bear

Ring Bear has gone out of its way to make something as personal as a ring purchase worry-free. Sizing and styling can be difficult.

Ordering their free ring sizer will help you get started. Then Ring Bear’s Try Before You Buy program allows you to test out 3, 4, or 5 rings for $50-$100. Just select and buy the option you want, and Ring Bear customer service will contact you to get set up.

Ring Bear Ring Options

The money is held as a deposit to be either refunded or applied to your purchase. In seven days, you get a return label to send your test selections back.

Besides size, other customizable elements of a man’s wedding ring include:
- Metals
- Finish
-  Band
- Width
- Personalized
- Engraving

Ring Bear Customizable Options


Men are no longer limited to just a basic gold band. Now a groom can choose from many options based on his style and preference. Yellow gold bands will always be a classic look, but white gold, higher-end platinum, and the very affordable tungsten have all become popular options.

Ring Bear uses recycled gold and platinum, which look, feel, and hold the same value as newly-mined metals. You can feel good about reducing ecological impact while choosing among Ring Bear’s options of:
- 18K Gold—most valuable option but a little soft (recommended only if not doing manual labor)
- 14K Gold— the middle of the road most-recommended option
- 10K Gold —a bit harder and the most durable Platinum—a durable and hypoallergenic precious metal that can be a firmer alternative to 18K White Gold
- Tungsten—stronger than gold and more affordable while still stylish

Ring Bear Customizable Options


Choose between polished or matte finishes on most designs.

Width of Band:

Common widths include:
- 3 mm
- 4.5 mm
- 6 mm

 If you want a different width, contact the Ring Bear customer service and they are often able to fill requests for special widths

Wearing Ring Bear


Engraving is free (20 characters maximum), as is shipping on all men’s wedding bands.

Are Ring Bear Products Good Quality Products?

Yes. Recycled precious metals have the same value monetarily as anything newly mined. The quality of my 14K gold band is the same, no matter how the metal is sourced. The Ring Bear bands are well-designed with lots of customizable options. All designs come with their unique Superior Comfort Fit to make sure it doesn’t just look great, but it also feels really comfortable.

Ring Bear Quality

Just make sure to get the right size. And as the site mentions, the white gold may look yellow after a time and need their complimentary re-polishing or re-plating, but that is a normal sign of wear and can be easily addressed.

The company has worked with jewelers to create designs to be proud of without massive markups. So you can expect a variety of attractive, comfortable, affordable, and durable options from Ring Bear. And be sure to check out their other gift options as well

Are Ring Bear Products Worth It?

Absolutely. The rings come in at comparable or even lower prices than other online or retail options, and the recycled precious metals like gold and platinum look (and retain value) just like newly mined metals.

Is ring bear worth it

You get great items at a reasonable price but with greatly reduced carbon emissions and environmental impact. Plus you get to help support planting trees. All in all, a great value that includes peace of mind. And Free Shipping/Personalization on rings.

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The Ring Bear Men’s Wedding Band Summary

Honestly, if I were in the market for a new wedding band, I would seriously consider Ring Bear. The styles range from classic to modern, with customizable engraving and polishes available.

Reviewing Ring Bear Thoughts

The use of recycled precious metals and a commitment to being carbon neutral set Ring Bear apart from other online jewelry brands. In addition to their climate focus, Ring Bear offers quality craftsmanship but without the huge markup often charged by legacy jewelers. The “Try Before You Buy” program allows you to test out different sizes before committing to your choice.

This company may be a relative newcomer but is making a big impact, offering a classic product in a unique way that you can feel good about supporting.

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