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Revtown Automatic Jeans: Updating Classic Denim with Crazy Comfort

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Reviewed by Amanda Hitchcock

Last Updated December 2021

Revtown Jean Review

Revtown is a newer denim brand delivering “Ridiculous Quality and Unbelievable Fit for Half the Price” directly to its customer. Revtown jeans use its patented Decade Denim, constructed with a stretch yarn to provide supreme comfort. Revtown started with men’s jeans, and now offers both men’s and women’s lines in multiple styles and washes, as well classic shirts and tees.

Featured Product: Revtown Automatic Jeans

Revtown Automatic Jeans

The Automatic Jean is a relaxed, straight leg, go-to jean for, as they say, “any guy, any time, any place.” The Automatic Jean is designed with 4-way stretch to be mobile, not baggy, to feel just like your favorite perfectly broken-in pair feels but from day one.

Ratings Breakdown


The fit seemed slightly off for me, but fit is so individual and each body is different. The material is high quality and the jeans are extremely comfortable.


Excellent quality with detailed construction for less than half of what a normal pair of designer jeans would cost.


Their product is fantastic and they do it well. I used these during many activities, and they were always extremely comfortable.


Nothing on their site about giving back or philanthropy. They do detail ethical labor practices and a focus on sustainable manufacturing.

Who is Revtown?

Revtown is a denim brand, based in Pittsburgh, PA, and started in 2018 by former Under Armour executives Henry Stafford and Steve Battista, both of whom have resumes featuring extensive apparel world experience. The founders also included Matthew Maasdam, a former Navy SEAL who ran e-commerce operations at Under Armour, and Chris Lust of Dock Street Capital Management and SLC Capital Management, who served as Revtown’s CFO.

Stafford’s goal was to create a jean with unprecedented comfort, fit, and feel, delivering it direct-to-consumer for less than half the price usually charged for designer jeans. The brand’s social media approach has relied on influencers both in Pittsburgh and in professional sports, such as street-style photographer Chancelor Humphrey, Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Jameson Taillon, Philadelphia Eagle Jason Kelce, and Pittsburgh-raised singer/musician Chris Jamison known from “The Voice”.

Revtown Brand Story

As a brand, Revtown does not advertise any particular social mission, other than promising “Ridiculous Quality and Unbelievable Fit for Half the Price.” They do, however, have some impressive environmental and sustainability practices.

Their fabric is made with BCI (Better Cotton Initiative)-certified cotton to allow cleaner, sustainable cotton production. There has been some doubt cast on the validity of this initiative and its regulatory policies, in that it may allow for non-organic cotton with pesticides. Revtown’s FAQ page asserts that the BCI ensures that “water is used efficiently, that the cotton’s soil meets high health standards, and protects rights for farmers.”

The Revtown dying process is also sustainable, using products such as orange peel, nut shells, indigo, and shrimp shells. This allows their manufacturing to use 30% less energy, 50% less water and 70% less chemicals than traditional dyeing techniques across the industry.

Their denim mills incorporate the strictest regulations in the industry, and 100% of waste is recycled to create denim yarn or insulation for the local housing. The actual cutting-and-sewing is done at a Guatemalan factory using local workers, experts and artisans in a clean, safe, environment.


  • Incredibly comfortable and versatile
  • Unique stretch offers good fit without being saggy
  • Wide range of color washes and styles
  • Cost-saving “Crate” option for a set of multiple products
  • Sustainable manufacturing processes that recycle 100% of their waste
  • Descriptions of the height, weight (for women’s), and size worn by the pictured models to help with fitting


  • Size felt off from what I’m used to
  • Could not find any particular socially conscious mission

Performance And Customer Experience

The Revtown Men’s Jean Line

Revtown’s patented “Decade Denim” uses high-quality Italian yarn and a bit of elastane. This strong and durable fabric provides a four-way dynamic stretch uncommon in even designer jeans. The mission is “premium jeans with an amazing fit and the comfort of your favorite sweats.”

For those concerned that jeans with a bit of stretch might fit like leggings and/or end up baggy, a quick glance at the Revtown website shows that the jeans look just like any normal jeans. There are some slimmer fits, but no “jeggings” here.

Wearing Revtown Jeans

The Sharp and the Automatic are two of the most popular fits, both with the 4-way athletic stretch of the Decade Denim. The Sharp Jean is a slim fit jean, more refined and can even look dressy, especially in the darker colors. The Automatic Jean is, as they say, for “any guy, any time, any place.” Automatic jeans are designed to be mobile, not baggy, like your favorite perfectly broken-in pair feels but from day one.

Other Revtown Men’s jeans styles include:
- Taper (Skinny Fit)
- Lightweight (Straight cut leg, designed for travelers and commuters)
- Selvage (Classic Fit)
- Tech Jean (Redesigned
- Sharp fit with a performance poly blend)

 You can also get Revtown shirts and hoodies in essential styles like crew, v-neck, and henley, made with pima cotton in classic colors.

The Revtown Automatic Jean

I personally wear jeans all the time. I love the look of them, especially in the fall and winter. I have been wearing Levi’s lately, and I generally prefer a straight leg cut. I stay away from anything resembling a dad/mom jean look.

So I tried the Automatic Jean because I liked its classic, relaxed, straight leg fit. This style is made of 92% cotton/6% polyester/2% elastane with 15.5” leg opening and a zip fly.

Revtown Jeans Comfort

The Automatic Jean comes in multiple washes, including black, gray, khahi, and several shades of indigo.

I chose the Rinse Indigo, the deepest indigo wash which has dyed-to-match stitching. It seemed to be the most versatile one to me, since it can look either casual or even a bit dressy without being full-on black.

My Experience with Revtown

I assumed that these jeans would wear well based on the description, but in all honesty, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a performance stretch denim. I didn't think it would be rigid denim, since the material content listed included elastane. I wasn't sure how that would feel since I am used to 100% cotton Levi’s. I just hoped they would be comfortable and durable.

When I received the Revtown shipment, they had included a grey t-shirt. I was delighted, since I had not expected to get a top to try with the jeans. Thanks, Revtown!

The denim material surprised me. Considering the average Revtown price point ($89 for most men’s styles), I was not expecting something so luxurious.

Wearing Revtown Clothing

The Rinse Indigo is indeed a very dark, almost-black kind of blue. The stitching blends nicely to be virtually invisible. The zip fly seems to work smoothly. I knew these would be easy to use for a wide variety of events and activities based on look and feel alone.

From the moment I put on the jeans, I could tell that they were going to be super comfortable. The Decade Denim is thick and durable. But the jeans are still a little bit stretchy and I love that about them.

What’s nice about jeans in general is that they are so versatile. I wore these quite a few times over the course of four weeks. I did housework in them, went to work, walked the dog, and did errands.

I even had a date night in them, pairing them with a black T-shirt. My wife loves that “jeans and T-shirt” look, and I felt great being so comfortable.

One particular benefit I really loved is that there is ample pocket space for everything. I never felt like my phone was going to pop out.

After all that, I can honestly say, these really are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn.

A Question of Fit?

My one disappointment was the fit. As with any clothing item, fitting jeans can be iffy. So keep in mind that this is just my experience and each person’s experience will be unique.

These seem to run a bit big compared to my usual Levi’s. I have the 33 Waist x 32 Length. In Levi’s that is just the right size for my waist and the perfect length to hang over my heel but not touch the ground.

The Revtown jeans are both larger in the waist and a bit longer. The waist ended up being too big for me, so I used a belt to make up for the waist difference.

Revtown Fit and Sizing

I suspect that the fact that they are stretchy has something to do with that. That being said, the way the material moves feels great and these are still amazingly comfortable.

To help you, Revtown does have a fit guide for both men’s and women’s products to check the construction and fit of each specific style. Each product page includes some measurements and suggestions, as well as information on the height of and size worn by the model pictured.

My advice would be to double and triple check the sizing chart and perhaps order two sizes to be sure.

Because once you do find that perfect size, you may never want to take these off.

Are Revtown Jeans Good Quality Products?

Yes, the Decade Denim really does offer amazing comfort while still being thick and durable. The stitching seems tight, and pockets are reinforced and offer ample space for phone, keys, etc.

Revtown jeans, like any jeans, are versatile, but unlike many jeans, they are actually comfortable. I didn’t notice the knees or seat getting baggy with wear, and the variety of styles offer options for most body types and preferences.

Revtown Jeans Quality

Just watch the fit. Use the sizing chart, measurements, and Digital Tailor feature on the website to help you with getting the closest fit.

Not only will Revtown jeans be comfortable, but the high-quality Italian-yarn-based fabric will ensure they last a long time.

Are Revtown Jeans Worth It?

Yes. These insanely comfortable jeans for men and women come in at an average price point of $89 for most styles (a few specialized options will run up to $129).

Considering designer jeans can easily run several hundred dollars a pair, Revtown jeans are practically a steal. The range of styles and wash colors available mean that you can dress them up or down, making them even more worth the price. Especially since the strong fabric means these will last a long time, unlike many more cheaply-made jeans.

Revtown Shirt Quality

You can get a few pairs for less than one pair of traditional performance or designer jeans. If purchasing multiple items, try their Crate Option to get a mini-capsule wardrobe of 2 pairs of jeans and three shirts that you can mix and match for even more value.

Coupons and Discounts

The website features both a Men’s Sale and a Woman’s Sale section, with final-sale clearance items available for 25%-33% off.

Revtown runs multiple sales, especially around various holidays, to which you can get access by signing up by email, or periodically checking their website.

Military personnel verified with receive 15% off. You will see the discount offer once you go to check out.


The Revtown Summary

Revtown's sustainable manufacturing and green milling processes make these attractive options even more attractive.

Revtown's sustainable manufacturing and green milling processes make these attractive options even more attractive.

My Thoughts On Revtown

Their shirt section is still somewhat limited, especially for women, but that’s not their main focus. Their main focus is jeans—crazy comfortable jeans that are mobile, NOT baggy, and obtainable at a price point well below any designer brand.

Revtown offers versatile and comfortable fits for a wide range of different activities. I recommend the Crate option for testing out which styles you like best, because once you start wearing Revtown jeans, you will probably want to buy more.