The Edit / Founder Faves With Amanda Goetz, Founder & CEO of House of Wise


Founder Faves With Amanda Goetz, Founder & CEO of House of Wise

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Last Updated March 2022

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Meet Amanda Goetz

Amanda Goetz is the Founder & CEO of House of Wise, the CBD and personal wellness brand empowering women to give more purposeful intention to their routines so they can take control of their lives.

After realizing the potential of CBD in her own life, Amanda made it her mission to source, develop and provide products to other women that were reliable, trusted and high-quality. Simultaneously, Amanda is focused on being a leader and advocate to break down the stigmas surrounding CBD. Through community and high-quality CBD products, Amanda and House of Wise are empowering women to control of their sleep, stress, strength, sex and wealth.

House of wise founder Amanda Goetz

Amanda has more than 15 years of experience building brands that inspire, empower and serve women. She is a leader and advocate breaking down stigmas and stereotypes surrounding CBD, cannabis and the role of women in our society today.

Connect with Amanda on Twitter (@AmandaMGoetz) and Instagram (@goetzam) to follow along on her founder journey building the CBD brand making a huge impact on the lives of women everywhere.

We asked Amanda for her top Fascination faves. Check out the brands and products that made the cut, and discover what Amanda herself has to say about her top picks.

Amanda Goetz's Top 6

1. Wolven's Juniper Midi Bike Short

best women's bike short Recommendation

"Between juggling the management of my growing startup from home, taking care of my three kids as a single parent, and taking time for my own health and fitness, I live in loungewear and workout clothes, but I still want to look good doing it all so I love wearing Wolven. Their clothes are sustainably made, comfy to wear, and stylish. I admire their ethical production and commitment to sustainability. And I love supporting other female founders through my purchases. You just can't go wrong with any of the Wolven sets, but I'm a big fan of their bike shorts in particular."

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2. Esker Body Plane Tool

“I sauna 3-4x a week and do lymphatic drainage during my sweat sessions. I absolutely love the body plane tool from Esker which helps me remove dead skin while I achieve great drainage. Esker Beauty was founded by Shannon Davenport, another mom and founder who I admire.”

esker body plane tool Recommendation
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3. Dame Pillo

Dame pillo Recommendation

"I have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and deal with pain every month when I ovulate and post-sex. Elevating my pelvic floor during sex helps. I have no clue why we don't talk about Pelvic floor health and strength more! One product I've come to love for making bedroom sessions more enjoyable -- both in terms of pleasure and comfort -- is the Pillo from Dame."

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4. Camp Veggie Pasta

"Moms are superheros, we're juggling so much, and between chauffeuring my kids to where they need to be, focusing on my business, bath time for all three of them, play time, and more, we have a lot going on. For meal time I have to admit I don't cook often, but when I do I can rely on Camp Pasta for an easy to make dish I can feel good about feeding my kids. Created by Angela Hein and Heidi Brown, these women get it: easy to make and health, which is a win/win in my book."

veggie pasta Recommendation
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5. Jiggy Puzzles NYC Night

city puzzle Recommendation

"I love winding down in the evening with a JIGGY Puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are great for signaling an end to my day, or even for giving me a midday mental break. I'll take a House of Wise Stress Gummy and that helps me focus on what's in front of me, lowering my cortisol and improving my focus while I take part in an activity simply meant to be fun. I love JIGGY's NYC Night puzzle, designed by artist and illustrator Sara Boccaccini Meadows. JIGGY Puzzles is also female founded, by the brilliant and wonderful Kaylin Marcotte. I really love these puzzles paired with a Stress Gummy because they help me disconnect from the digital world in the most enjoyable fashion."

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6. House of Wise Sleep Bundle

“I believe restful sleep is our greatest tool to making the most of our days. My nighttime routine (after I get the kids to bed!) includes taking a Sleep Gummy and giving my skin some TLC with Doll Butter from CeCe Olisa, an incredible female founder who is also an expert in beauty and lifestyle. The Sleep Gummy helps me fall asleep quickly and stay asleep so I get restful zzz's, and the Doll Butter body lotion allows me to wake up with silky soft skin -- it's a great combo for my nighttime routine.”

House of Wise x Cocoa by CeCe Sleep Bundle


House of Wise x Cocoa by CeCe Sleep Bundle


House of Wise partnered with woman-founded brand Cocoa by CeCe to create the ultimate Women's History Month bedtime bundle. Each limited-edition Sleep Bundle includes 1 jar of CeCe's just-released Doll Butter and 1 box of Sleep Gummies.


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